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26 April 2010

The 1st Bangalore Circuit Debate‏

It is with utmost pleasure, we invite you to the 1st Bangalore Circuit Debate. The primary aim of the tournament is to start a trend of small (both in size & budget) decentralized debate tournaments where debaters and adjudicators from the local circuit meet, socialize, have a fun time and get to debate. This will help in the spread of debating within the circuit, foster closer bonds between debaters, and serve as a developmental tournament for new debaters and new formats. We hope to make the Circuit Debate a regular affair on the Bangalore PD calender.

The 1st Bangalore Circuit Debate will be conducted on Saturday & Sunday, 1st and 2nd May 2010, and will serve as a perfect preparatory camp for teams going to UADC. The tournament will follow a three-on-three Asians format, and the scoring, tabbing and feedback will follow UADC regulations and format. There will be 4 preliminary rounds with a break to semi-finals. There is a 16 team cap. Cross-institutional & Open teams are allowed. The N=1 rule applies for all teams.

When: Saturday & Sunday, 1-2 May 2010,
Where: NLS Campus.
Format: Asian 3-on-3 format
Size: 16 teams. N=1 Rule applies.

Rego: Rs 100 per head.

Prizes: Oh Cmon, you're here to learn. But yes, we will be giving prizes once we collect the damn rego. And yes, There are best Adj prizes as well.

Tentative Schedule: 2 prelim rounds on Saturday, starting at 1.30 pm. 4 rounds on Sunday starting 9.30 (please don't be late). A detailed schedule will be mailed soon.

Helping to ensure a clean, high-quality tournament will be an adj core of Badrinarayanan Seetharaman, Harshvardhan Bhat and Skanda Prasad.

Badri has extensive PD experience, and was a quarterfinalist judge at AUDC 2009 main break, chaired the Semifinals and judged the Finals of the ESL rounds. He has been awarded the adjudicator subsidy to attend UADC-2010. Domestically, he has won the Best Adj at RVDT-2010, and was a breaking adjudicator at NLSD, The Shanti Narain Debate and the 62nd Mukarji Memorial Debate, among others.

Harsh has been an active debater for the past 3 years. He is the co-founder and President of the Christ University Debating Society, was Tournament Director for CUPD 2010. He broke as an adj at the Malaysian Debate Open (MDO), was a finalist judge at NLSD-2009, won the Best Adj at RVDT-2010, Finals Adjudicator at BITS Pilani-2009, Finalist adjudicator at Loyola Parliamentary Debate-2009 and has been an active fixture on the Indian PD circuit.

Skanda was 2nd ranked adjudicator at MSR Memorial-2010 (and chaired the Novice Finals), was a break eligible judge at MSR Memorial-2009, DCA at the Nitte School of Management (NSOM) Debate-2010. As a debater, he has broken to the semis at CUPD-2009, was Novice champion at NLSD-2008 and has been an active part of the the Bangalore PD circuit for the past two years, apart from being bid co-convener for the Bangalore Asian BP-2010 bid.

Teams that will be participating at UADC will be given priority for registration. Please do confirm your participation and team details at the earliest. We promise you 2 intense ground breaking days of debate. So send in your registration details ASAP.

More details and updates will be out on our Facebook group at!/group.php?gid=111221205578794&ref=ts. Please do join in.

See you in May!

Warm Regards

Skanda Prasad
+91- 94493 49771

Harshvardhan Bhat
Christ University
+91- 99004 45970

Badrinarayanan Seetharaman
+ 91- 99860 55149

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