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13 March 2010

Haifa wins the Israeli ASA Debating Competition

The Israeli ASA (Academic Sport Association) Debating Competition was held in the southern tourist city of Eilat for 2 days.

Winners: Shiri Noyman and Edo Rosenblum (Haifa Green)

Teams in the final:
Amit Shuchnazky and Hadas Nevenzal (BIU Purple)
Mor Yamin and Netanel Yakov-Chay (BIU Red)
Yelena Kozlov and Ofir Tzuman (Open Brown)

Best Speakers:
Shiri Noyman - Haifa University
Amit Shuchnazky - Bar Ilan University
Best Junior Speaker: Edo Rosenblum - Haifa University

The motions:
R1. THW place condoms vending machines in schools
R2. THW forbid the Supreme Court to annul legislative laws
R3. THE forbid advertisers to use women body for the marketing of products which aren’t related directly to women’s body.
R4. THW not assassinate terrorists in foreign countries
Final: THBT the Israeli anthem should represent all of the segments of society

Full tab can be found here


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