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18 March 2010

Amsterdam EUDC registration payment‏

Dear debaters of Europe,

We have received payments, deposits or emails with a proof of payment from half of all the institutions currently registered for Euros. Thank you all very much! We have confirmed most of these payments or will confirm them over the course of today.

We would kindly like to ask all other institutions to transfer money for the registration fee of 250 Euros per person or a deposit of 50 Euros per registered person into our account as quickly as possible. The deadline to transfer the payments into our account is March 19. If you encounter any troubles with the transfer, need an invoice, or need more information, please contact us through We will, of course, give you a certain grace period for the money getting into our account if you encounter problems, but please let us know what is happening!

If we do not hear anything from you and do not receive an advance payment, we are going to have to asume that you do not wish to participate in Euros. We will proceed to cancel your registration and invite one of the 56 teams on the waiting list to take your spots. If you then contact us that you do wish to participate, we will have to put you as the last institution on the waiting list.

We will start inviting institutions from the waiting list by the beginning of next week. We will go through the waiting list in the order given on our website We will offer all institutions on the waiting list one team first, and then proceed to add second and third teams once all institutions on the list have gotten one place. We will offer all institutions the possibility to send a judge with their first team. We will contact the institutions through email, and will ask you to confirm your intention to send a team (and judge) as soon as possible. The money for the registration fee or prepayment should be transferred into our account within two weeks.

For all those who have not transferred the money yet, please find the necessary details for a bank transfer below, for PayPal payments, please chek out our website.We certainly hope that you all transfer the payment in time and are looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam in July.

With kind regards,

Myrthe Elise Herwig
Amsterdam EUDC 2010

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