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17 February 2010

World Schools WSDC Qtr Final Results

Results of the Qtr-Finals of the 2010 World Schools Debating Championships in Qatar.

Wales beat Australia 4-3
England beat Pakistan 6-1
Canada beat New Zealand 6-1
Singapore beat Slovenia 6-1

Source: Chris Bishop


  1. Anonymous10:10 am

    4-3 loss for Australia... good thing the adjudicators are of such a high quality...

  2. Anonymous10:16 am

    England 6-Pakistan 1, to fill in the gap...

  3. Anonymous11:13 am

    An Australian says: in a debating scene, anonymous comments are an inelegant, pusillanimous act.

  4. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Wales 4 Australia 3
    Canada 6 New Zealand 1
    Singapore 6 Slovenia 1
    Pakistan 1 England 6
    - according to Claire Ryan's Blog

  5. Thanks for the additional info.

    Agree about the anonymous comments (see some of the threads around New Year). But they are a fact of life with blogger unless I moderate which I try not to do unless things get out of control with Spam etc

  6. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Well, Australia broke first and so they must win every round, right?

  7. Anonymous8:36 am

    Yes Australia won every preliminary round and had the highest speaker points.

  8. Imogen11:19 pm

    England and Canada won every round also, but their speakers did no't score high individually. Autralians have first four positions in top speaker award. Many teams great debaters. Singapore, NZ too. And Slovenia, HK, Pakistan. Best countries have polite, good manners too. Singapore very good, always. And HK. Canada coach and team sometimes too excited to win, forgot manners. Many people were very happy they win after so long, but truly support Singapore, England because they have talent AND respect. More battle soon in Wales in 2011.


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