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23 February 2010

Registration for Amsterdam EUDC

Dear debaters,

Registration for Amsterdam EUDC 2010 is quickly coming closer: one week from now (or actually 6 days, 22 hours and 30 minutes). We would like to remind you, just in case, that it is a good idea to register as early as possible and would like to ask you to spread the word to all those who might not receive this message. Below, you will find the last pieces of essential information, including the website location for registration: Please go to our website: for more information on registration and payments.

With kind regards,

Anne Valkering
Convener Amsterdam EUDC 2010

Registration procedure.
The first phase of registration will take place through the website of our sponsor VUConnected: . Registration opens on Monday the first of March, at 12:00 CET. The form that you should fill in will replace a countdown clock at that exact moment.

The form will ask you to fill in seven things:
* Name of your institution (i.e. debating society),
* City of your institution,
* Country of your institution,
* Number of teams and judges you like to register (1 team + 0 judges; 1 team + 1 judge; 2 teams + 1 judge or 3 teams + 2 judges),
* Name of a contact person,
* Email address of this contact person,
* Phone number of this contact person (including the country code).

You will receive an email confirming that we have received your registration as soon as you have clicked the send button. Please check whether you have received this email (click renew in your inbox and check your spambox). The email asks you to confirm the email address you have given us by clicking on a link. Your registration is only valid once you have confirmed the email address, but the moment of registration will be the moment you send us the form.

Please note that the fact that we have received your registration application does not automatically imply that your institution will have spots at Amsterdam EUDC. There may be overregistration, in which case you may end up on the waiting list. We will distribute the 200 team places by order of registration, reserving one team spot for each country that is eligible to participate in Euros until registration closes on March 8.

We expect to send out a preliminary list of placed and waitlisted teams in the late afternoon/early evening of March 1. The final list will follow shortly after registration closes on March 8.

We ask all institutions that get spots for Amsterdam EUDC to pay the registration fee of 250 Euros per person before March 19 or make a prepayment of 50 Euros per person before that date. We should receive the other 200 Euros of the registration fee before May 10 in case you transfer the advance.

You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal. The details for transfers are described in the payment section under registration on our website

If you have questions prior to registration or after you have registered, you will be able to contact us in a number of ways:

Skype: amsterdameudc
Phone: +31 (0)6 39 83 24 49 or +31 (0)6 42 85 07 04

We will be available through email all week before registration. We will be available by phone and Skype on the day registration opens: Monday the 1st of March. On Tuesday, we will be availabe from 12:00 until 20:00 through Skype and phone. From Wednesday the third until Monday the 8th, we will be available on Skype and by phone from 14:00 until 16:00 and 19:00 until 21:00. on each day. If you do not catch us on those times, you can always email us and we will reply as soon as possible.

FAQ on website.
Please also check the Frequently Asked Questions on registration page on our website And send us an email if your question is not on it, so we can add more questions and answers along the way.

Amsterdam EUDC 2010
Vendelstraat 2
1012 XX Amsterdam
the Netherlands

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