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21 February 2010

Full Results from World Schools

Winners Canada
Finalists England
Top 10 Speakers
1. Joanna Connolly (Australia).
2. Laura Birchall (Australia)
3. Charlotte Thomas (Australia)
4. Eleanor Gordon-Smith (Australia)
5. Manasvin (Veenu) Goswami (Canada)
6. Gregory Farquhar (England)
7. Shehryar Sheikh (Pakistan)
8. Maria English (New Zealand)
9. Georgina Barker (Scotland)
10.Hasan Dindjer (England)

Best ESL Team
1 Slovenia
2 Greece
3 Sri Lanka.

Best ESL speaker
1. Shehryar Sheikh (Pakistan)
2. Filippos Lekkas (Greece)
3. Muhammed Gulzar (Pakistan)
4. Do Kwon (Korea)
5. Jeewon Yoo (Korea)

Best EFL team
1. The Netherlands
2 Romania
3 Germany.

Best EFL Speaker
1. Leonie Beyrle (Germany)
2 Zan Zveplan (Slovenia)
3 Sanjit Dias (Sri Lanka)
4 Elisabeth Van Lieshout (The Netherlands)
5 Inka Mobinger (Germany)

2 China
3 Sudan

Best new nation speaker is....
1. Anirudh Sivaram (UAE)
2. Raeesa Munshi (UAE)
3. Sara Smylie (UAE)
4. Calvin Cox (Sudan)
5. Jiali Li (China)

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  1. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Zan Zveplan just missed out on being the next Filip Dobranic. Slovenia ESL speaker winning EFL. But you haven't posted my previous comments on Filip.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    I haven't deleted any comments on Filip. There were a couple at the time of Worlds but as I pointed out at that time ESL/EFL status is decided by a committee. I don't know Filip (or Zan) so I really can't comment on his level of English.


  3. Anonymous11:12 am

    Whats the issue with Filip or Zan?

  4. I don't know either of them so I can't say. All the complaints posted here have been anonymous so I can't follow up.


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