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8 February 2010

Amsterdam Euros registration update‏

Dear debating community,

This is an update from Amsterdam Euros and a reminder that registration will open on Monday the 1st of March, noon (12:00) Central European Time (GMT +1), three weeks from now. Registration will take place through our website: and closes on the 8th of March at noon again. Before registration starts, we will send you another email that shows you exactly what to expect from the first phase of registration so as to prevent any mistakes. We have also updated our program, which can be found here. If needed, you can find a reminder of why you should register for Amsterdam Euros here.

After a few hours, we will post preliminary results of the registration procedure and we will publish a final list on Monday the 8th of March. All institutions that are registered will be asked to make a prepayment of € 50 by March 19. Failure to pay will mean removal from the registration list and replacement by waitlisted institutions.

The team cap for Amsterdam Euros is 200 teams, the registration fee is € 250. The institutional cap will be 3 and the n-1 rule applies for sending judges. Team spots will be granted on the basis of the order of registration, however, we will reserve team spots for all countries eligible to participate in Euros during the first phase of registration. Further details on the registration procedure can be found on our website. Any queries about registration should be referred to

If you are an independent judge who wishes to register, please do so by sending an email to with your name, your phone number, your intention to register as an independent adjudicator and a judging CV. You will then receive further instructions for registering by email. If your institution fears to violate the n-1 rule or wants to send more judges, please also email If you are a non-European team that wishes to participate: this is only possible if there are no longer any European teams on our waiting list. We will reopen registration in that case and you should not register before that time. We expect to know whether any places will be available for non-European teams by the beginning of April. Non-European judges are welcome to apply as an independent judge according to the procedure outlined above

As you can see from our program, we have moved the dates: arrivals day is now on Monday the 12th of July. If you want to start your holiday earlier we can organise something for you with our hotels or inform you about hostel options, so that you can join us on Sunday the 11th of July watching the final of the World Championships Football surrounded by Dutch football fans. If you do arrive on Monday the 12th, we would like to ask you to arrive at Schiphol at around three in the afternoon at the latest so you can participate in the evening’s program. This will include a public debate with guest speakers and a tour of the canals. We will offer you seven rounds on two preliminary days on Tuesday and Wednesday, quarters and semis on Thursday and then the final on Friday the 16th of July. Saturday the 17th will be departures day, but we would encourage you to leave as late as possible, as we offer a picnic in the Vondelpark and excursions in Amsterdam and to other places in the Netherlands on that date.

We hope that this email reaches everyone who is interested in participating in Euros. We would therefore like to ask all of you to send this information on to anyone who you know is interested but not subscribed to any of the email lists. We apologise to anyone receiving this email several times. For any queries, please contact us through We are looking forward to hear from you.

With kind regards,

Anne Valkering

Convenor Amsterdam EUDC
Vendelstraat 2
1012 XX Amsterdam

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