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2 January 2010

WUDC 2010 Semi Finalists

The Semi Finalists in the 2010 World Debating Championships are
Sydney A, Cambridge A, LSE A, Stanford A Monash A, UQ D, Harvard A and Oxford A


  1. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Monash A or UQ A? You have it one way written above and differently on the chart.

  2. Anonymous5:57 pm

    in the list of semi finalists it says monash A but in the draw it has Queensland A... Which team is actually in the semis?

  3. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Any word on the resolution or sides?

  4. Anonymous6:01 pm

    The semi-announcement (written out, not what is on the chart) seems to be based on Twitter updates, so on the strength of a multiplicity of sources it would seem Monash A and not UQ A are through the first quarter-final. That is to say, don't trust the chart. :)

    Hopefully we'll get official word/confirmation/correction of the chart soon...

  5. Art Ward, who is in the semis with LSE, says him, Monash A, Oxford A and Stanford A. I'd guess he was correct!

  6. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Monash A are through, not just on a strength of a multiplicity of sources, also on actual truth

  7. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Tuna's blog has Monash A instead of Queensland in the 1st matchup. Can we get a reconfirm on this please

  8. Sorry about that. I was distracted when I did up the chart. I've fixed it now.

  9. Anonymous6:49 pm

    So still no report on the actual resolution or sides?

  10. Anonymous7:30 pm

    That'll be tomorrow (in about 14 hours), drinking and clubbing now.


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