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22 January 2010

Update on Euros Registration

It is only a couple of weeks since the end of Koç Worlds and we are sure you are still just as thrilled by the experience as we are. We would like to thank the people from Koç for their hard work and great achievement. We would also like to congratulate our CA team for their good work at the tournament: Jonathan Leader Maynard for topping the team tab and reaching the final and Ross Reid McGuire and Doug Cochran for judging that same final.

We hope that your presence, or absence, at Worlds has convinced you of the need to be present at another once-in-a-lifetime experience: Amsterdam Euros. For anyone who wishes to register for EUDC 2010, here's some important information:

Registration will open on Monday the 1st of March, noon (12:00) Central European Time (GMT +1).

Registration will take place through our website:

Registration closes on March 8 at noon.

We will keep you updated regularly on the registration results and publish the final list of registered institutions and waitlisted institutions on March 8. We will then ask every registered institution to pay their registration fee, or an advance of 50 Euros by March 19. Institutions failing to pay by that date will be removed from the list and waitlisted institutions will get an opportunity to register one team.

The team cap for Amsterdam Euros is 200 teams. The institutional cap will be 3. Team spots will be granted on the basis of the order of registration, however, we will reserve team spots for all countries eligible to participate in Euros during the first phase of registration.

Further details on the registration procedure can be found on our website.

We hope that this email reaches everyone who is interested in participating in Euros. We would therefore like to ask all of you to send this information on to anyone who you know is interested but not subscribed to any of the email lists. We apologise to anyone receiving this email several times. This will only happen as we publish registration dates. For any queries, please contact us through

Amsterdam Euros 2010, spread the love!

Kind regards,

Reinier de Adelhart Toorop
deputy-convenor Amsterdam Euros 2010.

Amsterdam EUDC
Vendelstraat 2

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