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3 January 2010

Top ten Speakers

Shengwu Li  from Oxford has topped the speaker rankings at the 2010 World Debating Championships

1 Shengwu Li (Oxford)
= 2 Steve Hind (Sydney) and Richard Lizius (Hart House)
3 Jonathan Leader Maynard (Oxford)
5 Chris Croke (Sydney)
6 Ian Freeman (Hart House)
7 Cormac Early (Harvard)
8 Tim Mooney (Sydney)
9 Art Ward (LSE)
=10 Adam Chilton (Harvard) and Rushabh Ranavat (LSE)


  1. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Could "rushard" be Rushabh Ranavat from LSE?

  2. Any sign of the full tab?

  3. Victor12:52 pm

    Has the full speaker tab been released on the internet anywhere?

  4. Anonymous7:02 am

    The actual tab shows Richad Lizius and Steve Hind as equal second with Jonathan Leader Maynard in 4th.

  5. Anonymous2:12 am

    I see Jonathan Leader Maynard has also been promoted from 4th to 3rd. Fix one error and create another.

  6. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Ya, he is from LSE


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