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3 January 2010

Lande and Rogers win World Masters

Derek Lande and Jason Rogers (under the team name Vanuatu) won the World Masters Competition at the 2010 World Debating Championships

Canada (Michael Kotrly and Joanna Nairn) were originally reported as wining the event but this has since been clarified.


  1. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Michael Kotrly and Joanna Nairn

  2. Anonymous8:53 pm

    from Canada

  3. Anonymous11:21 am

    Was an explanation given for this?

  4. The report from the adjudication team (see other post) was:
    2) Following a miscommunication between the Equity Committee and the Adjudication Team, we announced the wrong winner of the World Masters Tournament. After days of sleeplessness, pressure and confusion, we simply acted on a faulty understanding of the situation. This is our fault and does not reflect on the Equity Committee nor anyone else in any way. Vanuatu (Derek Lande and Jason Rogers) were unjustly not announced as the winners and it is now our pleasure to declare them the World Masters Champions 2010. We would like to apologise to the members of Team Canada, to whom we have already apologised in person, for our mistake.


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