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26 January 2010

World Schools AGM


The WSDC Ltd. charity's AGM will be held in Qatar at 9am on 16 February 2009, prior to the annual Council meeting. In this regard, please visit the schoolsdebate blog to find the following:

1. The notice of the Charity AGM doc and the notice of the Council meeting including the agendas.
2. The Directors' report for your consideration (including Annexes A, B and C)
3. A call for nominees for the position of Director for 2010-2013

Please note that each nation sending a team to Worlds in Qatar is eligible for membership of WSDC Ltd. The Directors will shortly confirm acceptance of those countries which have applied for membership since Athens and are participating in Qatar.

In the event that your country has corporate membership or has applied for corporate membership of WSDC, the governing documents require that you confirm the name of your authorised representative to the AGM in writing prior to the meeting. Please do this by sending an email message to the Director's nominated chair for the charity's AGM in Qatar, Asher Weill at


Andrea Coomber
Chair, Board of Directors

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