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15 December 2009

Worlds 2012 Bids: Update from Toronto

With less than two weeks to go, I'm very pleased to be ofering you some more delicious updates about the Hart House bid for Worlds 2012.

1. We're currently in contact with many country reps, but a few have eluded us. If you are a country rep, I am looking to talk to you! If you're not a country rep, then I am also looking to talk to you! We'd LOVE to hear questions/comments/concerns from EVERYONE in the worldwide debating community. So talk to us! We are nice-ish. :)

2. We've added some new names to our 'confirmed judges' list. There are some pretty amazing people, including four WUDC champions, so we think you should check it out here:

We remain incredibly confident that our Worlds will have one of the deepest adjudication pools ever. Hart House is both principally AND financially committed to the quality of our judging pool. We're also excited to announce that U of T has pledged (beyond their original commitment) an additional twenty-five thousand dollars in order to promote the competitive integrity of the tournament. Yay, U of T!

3. Canada is storming culture night, my friends! Brace yourselves/join in!

Monica Ferris
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Hart House Worlds 2012

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