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7 December 2009

Worlds 2012 Bids: Info from DLSU

To the world Debate Community,

It is my pride and honor to announce that Sam Block will be the co-CA of the DLSU Worlds bid.

We were so gratefil that Mr. Sam Block agreed to our invitation to grace DLSU Worlds with his presence as co-CA. We are currently working with him to make sure that quality adjudication and excellent tournament organization will be the top priorities of the De La Salle Bid.

Sam was the Best Speaker at WUDC 2008 and at EUDC 2007. He was also the winner of Euros, Oxford IV, International Mace (the UK & Ireland National Championships), and the LSE Open. As for his judging credentials, Sam was the CA of EUDC 2009, DCA of EUDC 2008, and was a Final Panelist at WUDC 2009. He was also invited as a judge in WUDC 2010.

More updates will follow soon. Rest assured that we are working hard here in Manila to bring you the best worlds possible!

In St. La Salle,

Dino de Leon
Convenor, De La Salle Worlds
Vice Chair, United Asian Debate Union

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