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20 December 2009

University of Kurdistan win Mesopotamia Debating Tournament

The University of Kurdistan (Sara Mustafa, Mohammed Ali, Sayran Ibrahim & Read Ahmed) have won the Mesopotamia Debating Tournament held recently in Iraq. In the final they defeated American University International (Bayad Jamal Ali, Safa Fudhl, Arevan Kamaran & Enji Issa).

The top eight speakers were
1. Sara Mustafa (UKH) (154)
2. Sayran Ibrahim (UKH) 150.5
3. Arevan Kamaran (AUI-S) 150
4. Hala Mamdoh (Duhok Ahang) 149
5. Hamzen Yousif (Duhok) 10 148
6. Arreba Zomaya (Dohok) 10 147
7. Zeen Saeed Taha (Duhok Ahang) 146/504.5
8. Nazdar Ali (Human rights) 146/497
For more details please visit Globaldebate


  1. I, mohammed Ali Bapir, highly appreciate the effort of the teachers. As they have crossed all the borders and risked their lives to come and stay in Iraq/Kurdistan. They held the first Mesopotamian Debate, and trained the first Iraqi debaters in Iraq's history.

    All the best,


  2. Hi All,
    I am Raed Asad Ahmed, I do agree with my colleague and teammate Mohammad, but I do have POI :) Kurdistan is perfectly safe and there is no life risking in coming here, please come again but this time to Hawler, we will show you professional hospitality with absolute neutrality. We were absolutely honored and we will cherish these moment we spent with you dear trainers for the rest of our remaining lives!

    viva world debati institute and Dr. Snider and all trainers! :)



  3. Hey...

    I'm proud to be one of the only and the first four high school students that participated in the debate tournament... It was one of the best experiences in my life. Hope to see more and more.

    Mohamed Ihsan


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