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7 December 2009

Some recent results: KCL IV

Tom Hosking and Ben Woolgar of Oxford HW won the KCL IV defeating Oxford LLM (Shengwu Li and Jonathan Leader Maynard), Middle Temple A (Jo Box and Fred Cowell) and Oxford CH (Henry Curr and Natasha Hausdorff) in the final.

Jonathan Leader Maynard topped the speaker tab.

The motions were

ROUND 1: This House Would Ban All Forms Of Private Education
ROUND 2: This House Believes That Governments Should Not Subsidise Public Broadcasting
ROUND 3: This House Would Replace All European National Armies With A Centralised EU Force
ROUND 4: This House Would Pay All Government Officials And Elected Politicians A Wage Equal To The Median Income Of The Country They Govern
SEMI: This House Would Deport Convicts To Countries Willing To Accept Payment To Receive Them
FINAL: This House Believes That It Is Legitimate To Fire Upon Voluntary Human Shields

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  1. Anonymous5:28 pm

    does anyone know where i can find the kcl tab?


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