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15 December 2009

Singapore Debate Open 2009 Results

Hi All,
As many of you know, the Singapore Debate Open 2009 was held over the past weekend. 58 teams competed in four preliminary rounds,quarters, semis and finals.

The results are:
Winners: Team Satya (Satya Venugopal & Ashok Kumar Rai)
Finalists: WSDC B (Ng Liki & Adil Hakeem), SPIT A (Aji & Shoaib "Kandahar" Rahim), IIUM A (Tasneem Elias & Ervina Samilin)
Semi-finalists: DSLU A (Dino de Leon & Nico Tuason), NUS A (Ang Wee Jian & Neha Prakash), NUS B (Sadhana Rai & Robin Teo), NUS C (Imran Rahim & Nabila Binte Zahur)

Satya from Team Satya was named best speaker of the Grand Finals.

Top 10 Speakers for the tournament:
1. Satya Venugopal (Team Satya)
2. Kamika Jha (NTU C)
3. Ashok Kumar Rai (Team Satya)
3. Arvind Raghavan (NTU C)
3. Parvathy Prem (NTU B)
5. Anindya (NTU B)
5. Ang Wee Jian (NUS A)
5. Lee Jia Wei (WSDC C)
9. Jayesh Kannan (NTU A)
9. Neha Prakash (NUS A)

Round 1: THW ban singles from becoming parents
Round 2: THW punish poachers and traders of endangered species in the same way as murderers
Round 3: THW cap executive compensation for all publicly listed companies
Round 4: THBT the United States should support and recognise a unilateral declaration of independence by the Palestinian Authority
Quarters: THW establish a quota for parliamentary elections for candidates under the age of 35
Semis: THBT the Western world should intervene in support of the student-led protests in Iran
Finals: THW ban parents from indoctrinating their children with their religion

Attached is the tab with further details from the Prelim rounds.

Additionally, please email us if you require an official receipt of payment of registration for SDOs 2009 from NUS. Please email with your institution's name, the mailing address (and the person who we are to mail the receipt to if necessary) and the amount that you need the receipt for.

Thanks to all who came down. We hope that you had a great time and we hope to see you at next year's Singapore Debate Open!

Best Regards,

Neha Prakash & Rebecca Tan
Singapore Debate Open 2009
NUS Debates

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