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23 December 1995

Princeton WUDC 1995 some e-mails

Here are some e-mails that were sent to mailing lists at the time of Princeton Worlds in 1995.  It was one of the first Worlds to use e-mail to communicate with participants.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Mon, 31 Oct 1994 17:26:40 EST

From: World Debates 95

To: Multiple recipients of list APDA

Subject: Worlds registration deadline

As mentioned in registration packets, the deadline for registration

forms and registration payments for the Worlds Debating Championship


If you plan to attend Worlds, have not sent in your registration payment

yet, and have not spoken to me yet, please get in touch with me tonight

or tomorrow! Teams paying late who have not spoken to me by tomorrow will

be charged a $US25 per person late registration fee, and space cannot

be guaranteed.

I may be reached at the Worlds office, 609-258-2255, ext. WORLDS (leave a

message detailing your situation), or at this e-mail address

(worlds95 at

Christopher Paolella

Tournament Director

Christopher Julian Paolella cjp at phoenix.Princeton.EDU

Fri Nov 11 16:26:55 PST 1994

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Dear Debaters,

As you might be aware, Princeton University will host the XV Annual World

Universities Debating Championship from 2-8 January 1995. This tournament

is the largest and prestigious parliamentary debating event in the world,

and will feature over 600 participants from more than 25 nations. Also,

in a break from Worlds tradition, the format of debate for this year will be

American parliamentary style, as is used on APDA and NAPDA.

The tournament will feature lodgings at the Princeton Hyatt-Regency, a four-

start hotel, an extensive social package, dignitaries on hand ranging from

the Governor of New Jersey to Robert MacNeil of the MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour,

nine preliminary rounds of debate, a break to double-octo-finals, and

competitions in serious and humorous impromptu speaking.

Preliminary registration figures indicate a strong turnout from NAPDA and

the Western U.S. However, if there are any other universities who are

interested in participating, but have not yet returned (or received!)

a registration form, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. I'd

be happy to mail or fax additional information about the Championship as

well, if you'd like.

Registration fees for the event are $150 per person (debater or adjudicator,

two-person debating teams), and hotel fees are $140 per person for a

week's accomodation in a quad-occupancy room. Final deadlines are fast

approaching, so if you are at all interested in competing, please contact

the Championship office at 609-258-2255, ext. WORLDS, or by email at this

address, worlds95 at .

The 1995 Championship promises to be the largest and most competitive in

history, and is the first time in six years that Worlds has come to America.

It is truly a debate opportunity not to be missed. I look forward to seeing

you in January!

With all good wishes,

Christopher Paolella

Tournament Director

XV World Universities Debating Championship

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Wed, 16 Nov 1994 02:09:41 EST

From: Christopher Julian Paolella

To: Multiple recipients of list APDA

Subject: Worlds judges

One final announcement:

I know I've mentioned it before, but this time I really mean it:

Dinosaur judging invites for Worlds are going in the mail today and tomorrow.

If you have the address of any APDA or CUSID dinos from your school or

elsewhere who you think might be interested in judging, please forward them

to the worlds email account (worlds95 at (note: not *my*

email account!) ASAP. We already have a pretty extensive list, and have

pledges of attendance from over 20 dinos, but we could always use more.

In particular, there are several former debaters who I have seen around

tournaments this year who are not on our list (i.e., Nico, Desmond, Aaron

Seeskin, Adam Rothman, Martin, Karen, etc.). We'd love to have all these

people around for Worlds, so if you know how to contact them, let me know!


p.s. If we are still waiting for your registration (you know who you are) please

contact Boris Shor, our financial director, at the worlds email account or

at 609-258-2255, ext. WORLDS, to discuss your financial situation ASAP!]

20 questions on Worlds (fwd)

DIRGO ddirgo at

Thu Dec 1 20:39:09 PST 1994

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This message came over the Canadian listserv, but was so chock-full of

goodies about Worlds that I decided to pass it along. This'll teach

those geeks at unnamed schools who aren't on the listserv what they get

for missing staff meetings.

Incidentally, I've been lurking on the Cusid and APDA listservs in

preparation for Worlds, and I've found them to be quite interesting.

I've even been posting a little and swapping messages with some of the

APDA folks; they're more congenial than I might have expected. If anyone

else out there is interested in tuning them in...

To get on the CUSID E-mail List, send a message to CUSID.Subscribe at Uwo.Ca

including your name, university, and all information that would help

people contact you that you don't mind being made public, and you will be

added within one day.

To get on the APDA E-mail list, send a standard "SUBSCRIBE APDA

your-name-here" message to LISTSERV at PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU.

I encourage it, if only to get a feel for the people against whom you

will soon be competing, and maybe a little sense of who's important out

there as well.


---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 21:14:46 -0500

From: Christopher Julian Paolella

To: Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate

Subject: 20 questions on Worlds

Sorry not to have responded earlier to Shuman's very pertinent

questions. We are currently in the middle of final registration crunch

for Worlds, so I am currently a couple of days behind on my

non-registration related email. I thank Jeremy for his help on this --

I've just appended a few more comments that might be of use. If anyone

has any questions, please feel free to contact me at the worlds account

(Worlds95 at or at the Worlds office, 609-258-2255,

ext. WORLDS.

On Wed, 30 Nov 1994, Shuman wrote:

> I'm passing this along, as I thought it was very helpful.

> Jeremy-- thank you very much for your help!


> - Shuman


> --

> Date: Wed, 30 Nov 1994 18:11:00 -0500 (EST)

> From: Jeremy Mallory

> To: Shuman

> Subject: Re: 20 Questions - Worlds'

> In-Reply-To: <199411290306.WAA29897 at>

> Mime-Version: 1.0

> Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII

> Content-Length: 9041


> Here are my instinctive replies, please feel free to repost these

> if you see fit. Some of them will direct you towards people who _really_

> know what they're talking about...


> > 1. What is the American marking scale for speaker points? In Canada

> > we use 0-50, with 40-43 generally being an excellent speech, and

> > lower than 33 is almost unheard of.


> 0-30, with the effective range from 19-28. A solid average speech

> should get from 23-25. Novices should expect 21-24. Offensive speeches can

> expect 19 and below. On the upper end, experienced debaters can usually

> expect 25-27. 28's are usually the top given, though 29's happen every so

> often. I don't remember a 30, though it may have happened. The tab room

> will probably ask you if you are positive (and/or sober) if you hand in

> 29-30. You might even be questioned about a 28.

> If it helps, top 10 speaker awards usually start (10th place)

> around 130-132 (130 means an average of 26 each of 5 rounds). Depending on

> how the points fell out, the top speakers might have anywhere from 134 to

> 141 (the highest I have ever heard of).


Recommended point scales for judges will approximate those used at the

Princeton tournament last year. Roughly speaking, an average speech will

earn a 23, a good speech 24, a very good speech 25, an excellent speech

26, and a truly phenomenal speech a 27 or higher.

> > 2. Will there be seeding? If so, on what basis, and will each school

> > get a free seed?


> Ask Princeton.


There will be no seeding at Worlds. The first two rounds will be

completely random, with the remaining rounds power-paired.

> > 3. How many teams are registered?


> Ask Princeton.

Currently, we are expecting approximately 225 teams, with participants

from places as far afield as Croatia, Ethiopia and Jordan. If any team is

interested in participating, but has not yet sent in their registration

payment (you know who you are!), IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY THAT YOU GET


fees are already accruing; as we need to finalize our contract with the

hotel and other organizations within the week, we need a firm number for

registration within the next two days or so.

> > 4. What are some examples of World's Style resolutions, that schools could

> > use to practice in-house? What is the policy on links? I remember

> > that squirelling was prohibited at Princeton last year, but it was

> > ok to run hypotheticals (or so it seemed, watching the open rounds).

> > Will there be two resolutions per round? How much general knowledge

> > of U.S. domestic affairs will be required?


> My guess is that Princeton will be sticking to the same flavor of

> resolutions offered at Melbourne last year. That means several

> philosophical, some policy, a couple non-Western, one of local (US)

> interest, and a humorous round. If you like, I have a record of the 13

> resolutions used at Melbourne that I can send you (9 rounds plus 4 total

> elimination rounds). My guess is only one resolution per round, but I may

> be wrong. I would recommend a passing familiarity, but not necessarily

> in-depth knowledge, of US domestic affairs

Jeremy is essentially correct here -- Princeton will be adhering to the

general style of Worlds resolutions offered at Oxford and Melbourne.

There will be one resolution per round, with no choice as to side. I

cannot detail the exact proportion of topic areas that will be covered

(classified information! hee hee!) , but again, we will follow general

Worlds precedent. As to hypotheticals, it entirely depends on how

closely linked the hypothetical is to the resolution. If the "case" run

is a clear example or illustration of the resolution, then judges will

most probably accept the definition, although the opposition is free to

challenge it. The point is, some reasonable flexibility will be allowed

in defining the terms of the resolution, but for most resolutions, the

intended topic of debate will be more of less obvious, and all are

strongly encouraged to leave their case lists at home.

> > 5. If the LO uses 12 minutes, does this mean no POI's one minute into and

> > 4 minutes before, or 5 minutes before? The first option would mean an

> > extra minute of POIs for those who opt for no-split. In general,

> > how many POI's should each speaker take? Will we be penalized for

> > not asking/taking POI's?


> Probably 5 minutes before, leaving the usual 6 minutes open for

> PoI's. The general rule I've heard used by P'ton folks is the "Give 2,

> Take 2" maxim. Penalties will probably be basically at the judge's

> discretion, but remember that many of the judges will be foreign as well.

Jeremy's right here -- POI's in no-split speeched will be available after

the first and before the seventh minute of the speech. Two to three

points of information taken or offered each round is, in my opinion, a

good general rule, although this will vary according to the style of

individual debaters.

> > 6. What tabs will be released? Will we only get the top 25 teams, or

> > more? Will I.E. tabs be divulged or will we have to trust whatever

> > voodoo implement produces the final round speakers?


> Ask Princeton. I HOPE they release complete tabs.>

Full tabs will be released.

> > 7. How advantageous will it be to have a car? Will we be able to actually

> > park it? If not, what transportation will be provided?


> If you can park it, I would personally recommend a car. I know I

> will have one there, so I hope parking is available.

As we will be running shuttle buses between the hotel and campus, a car

is not necessary, although it would probably make getting back and forth

considerably more convenient for you. Parking will be provided at the

hotel, and we are currently arranging day parking on campus as close to

the debate venues as possible.

> > 8. Will judges be given stopwatches or should we start practicing

> > timing our partners? Approximately how many judges will we have, per room?

> > Will the judges decide by consulting with one another, or will the

> > ballots be averaged?


> I wouldn't count on the judge timing you. US style usually leaves

> timing up to the partner. The other team also often "back-times" the

> other team, to be sure partner isn't padding the speaker's speaking time.

> As for panels, consulting, and averaging, I have no clue: ask Princeton

> there.

Judges will be instructed to time speeches, and call competitors to order

after a 30-second grace period at the end of their speeches. Feel free

to time yourselves as well, if that's what you are comfortable with.

In-rounds will be judged by either one judge or a panel of three,

according to the individual round. Judges' decisions will be

non-consultative; majority of ballots wins, with median (NOT mean)

speaker points given.

> > 9. What are some of the general things that judges will be told?

> > For example, how will they handle truisms and tautologies?


> I would imagine that none of the propositions will be truistic.

> You'll have to ask Princeton about specific rules on tautologies.

A further elaboration on the rules will be faxed to all registered teams

by the end of the week. For further information, competitors will be

welcome to sit in on judges' training to observe exactly what they are

being told (we will also have an orientation session for debaters).

Marq Paulding will be running judges' instruction (with help from several

other team members).

> > 10. Does the team with the highest point total win? What happens in the

> > case of a tie?


> I doubt Princeton will allow low-point-wins (knowing the folks in

> tab). Generally, people tend to think that ties go to Opp, but I

> personally disagree, and I think the tab room might as well. You will

> (again) have to ask Princeton about specific directives given to judges.

Low point wins are prohibited. In a tie, the winner of the round is at

the judge's discretion.

> > 11. Is it true that in American Debating, if the L.O. doesn't bring up

> > a line of argumentation in her first speech, then the M.O can't

> > embark upon it in her's? (I just KNOW this is false-- but a few

> > American not-so-novice's have told me this in a round).


> False. It is considered BAD FORM (but not against the "rules") for

> MO to put out AN UNREASONALBE NUMBER (but not merely one) of new

> arguments, however. That's termed and "MO Dump", and it gives PM some

> ground to ask for leeway in rebuttal.

Again, I'll just second Jeremy here.

> > 12. What are the restrictions placed upon the P.M. and L.O. in their

> > rebuttals, EXACTLY?


> "No new arguments are allowed, but new examples are welcome," is

> the usual rubric. For LOR, this means that if MG brought up an issue and

> MOC didn't cover it, LOR cannot address it. For PMR, this means that if

> LOC brought up an issue and MG didn't cover it, PMR cannot address it. In

> short, MG and MO cannot drop anything. If they do, their respective leader

> cannot pick it up again in rebuttals without risking a point of order.


> > 13. Will the debates be flowed? If so, will we be required to hit every single

> > stupid little point on the flow in order to win? Generally, how much

> > emphasis is placed on style vs. content? In Canada it's about 40/60 or

> > 60/40 depending on the judge.


> I will wager that Princeton will ask judges to flow. If you do

> drop a point, show how irrelevant it is. If you are winning other BIG

> arguments, a small drop will be irrelevant. I think it's not entirely

> accurate to think of the US as _content_ obsessed, but rather

> _organization_ obsessed. I would imagine most US judges will fall within

> the range of 70-30 to 50-50 (content-style). The key, as I perceive it,

> to US judges: they will almost always take the path of least resistance.

> If you (almost literally) tell them word-for-word what you want them to

> write in the Reason for Decision (RFD) box, they may very well do just that.

We will instruct judges to flow. We will also instruct them not to rely

solely on the flow in their decisions. While every judge has his/her own

criteria of what makes a good speech/round, we will encourage judges to

weight content/style on about a 60/40 proportion.

> > 14. I know there are going to be really important people there, such as

> > the Indian and Australian Ambassadors. When will they being showing

> > up, and what will they be doing-- i.e. will they be keynote speakers,

> > judges, observers, celebrity runners, what?


> Ask Princeton.

> Celebrity Runners. Wow, what a thought. How about having Their

> Excellencies the Ambassadors pair a round? Celeb Tab Officials! :)

Robert MacNeil will be serving you breakfast, and Kenneth Starr will sing

Scottish drinking songs at the banquet. Just kidding.

Actually, we have a number of "celebrities" on hand who will be in

attendance for the Championship Banquet and Final Round, including Robert

MacNeil, Kenneth Starr (former Solicitor-General and chief Whitewater

investigator), Paul Volcker, the ambassadors of India and Australia and

the Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court (he handled the Mike Tyson

trial). These individuals will make up the majority of the judging panel

for the Grand Final, and will be making a number of addresses to

competitors and the general community during their stay (the speeches are

optional -- though we would certainly encourage you to go, as they should

be excellent.

> > 15. Who is the Chair of World's Council? How do we get in touch with

> > this individual?


> I *think* it is Kelly Marston. The e-mail address I have for her

> is kmarston at

Kelly is the Chair, and the above email address is accurate.

> > 16. Is a hotel the only form of accomodation available, or will there be

> > billeting in the dorms as well?


> If I recall, they are making billeting available for those who

> desire/need it. I'm sure the number of spaces is quite limited, so if you

> need it, tell them ASAP.

Actually, there was a limited amount of on-campus housing available, but

it has been entirely given out already to teams from developing countries

who demonstrated financial need. No further campus housing is

available to competitors. If you have not yet registered for hotel

accomodations, or sent us the money, GET IN TOUCH WITH THE WORLDS OFFICE

IMMEDIATELY! I mean it!!! We are finalizing our hotel contract within a

week, and if we don't have your money in hand within a day or two, you

*will not* be getting the special Championship rates (i.e., the hotel

will cost twice as much).

> > 17. How will appeals work?


> Ask Princeton.

Any problems should be addressed directly to the Tournament Director or a

designated representative. The Tournament Director has final discretion

over all appeals.

> > 18. How many people break to finals for I.E.? How will I.E. work?

> > Will it debating be bracketed using a folding bracket? Will I.E.

> > be bracketed?


> IE's I can't tell you anything about.

As is traditional, there will be three rounds of I.E.'s with the top six

speakers will break to the finals. We

are running two divisions of I.E. The first will be a Public Speaking

Contest, with extemporaneous three- or four-minute speeched on a selected

topic. Speeches may be serious or humorous, but should make some sort of

point. In effect, wit is encouraged, stand-up comedy is not. Tab

regulations will be distributed at registration. The second

division will not be at all serious -- it will be a "triathalon" of

sorts, and will include humorous speaking (stand-up comedy welcome here),

the ever-popular, nefariously infamous StreetFighter II (tm) battle, and

an undecided third event (we're open for suggestions). We don't even

know how we're going to tab this one.

> I would wager that the debates will be bracketed with a "folding

> bracket" (by which I assume you mean high team with a given record hits

> low team with the same record, right?). You might want to ask how they

> are managing pull-ups (how to even out brackets with odd numbers of

> teams). Also ask about pairing and break priorities: Princeton has, in

> the past, used some strange criteria. Last year, for example, they paired

> by opp strength. The tab folks are extremely competent, and will be able

> to answer any questions you have.

After win-loss, brackets will first be paired on the basis of speaker

points. As for pull ups, I believe that the middle team of the lower

bracket will be paired into the higher bracket according to speaker

points. As I mentioned, full tab rules will be distributed at

registration. FYI, we have assembled an All-Star Tab "Dream Team"

including Raj Vinnakota '93, Marq Paulding '94, Doug Ray, Thanos

Basdekis, Brad Rosenberg, and possibly Dave Ball '91 (the guy who tought

Raj tab!)

> > 19. Can we run Time-Place sets? If so, can we fix the identities of the

> > Speaker, the opposition, or ourselves?


> I highly doubt it, but ask Princeton to be sure. I imagine that

> the tight-link rules will preclude time-place sets.

Time-place sets will be prohibited.

> > 20. Will automatic wins be given to members of oligarchies outside

> > the U.S.? Will being rude and obnoxious really win us rounds, in

> > the APDA style?


> No. Only members of US Oligarchies will advance beyond quarters.

> Rudeness will be punished by forcing the offending member to explain to

> the Hyatt why the Scots are deliberately standing over air vents in the

> lobby and flashing the other guests.

Jeremy's right again.


> I know this is a scattershot response, but I haven't seen many

> other replies to you. I hope this helps. If you have any questions about

> what I wrote, please don't hesitate to ask.


> Take care,

> Jeremy



With all good wishes,

Christopher Paolella

Tournament Director

XV Annual World Universities Debating Championship

Melbourne Resolutions

Jeremy Mallory jgm at

Thu Dec 1 22:50:08 PST 1994

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Since there have been several requests for the actual resolution

used in Melbourne last year, I dug through my archives and found my old

flows. These are the resolutions to the best of my memory (and

deciphering ability of my chickenscratch):

1. This House Believes That: right is more important than peace.

2. THBT: Political Correctness is the new McCarthyism.

3. THBT: space exploration can no longer be justified.

4. THBT: Islam has had a bad press.

5. THBT: East Timor's blood is on Australia's hands.

6. THBT: there is in this age a dearth of heroes.

7. THBT: feminism must give way to multiculturalism.

8. THBT: the West will regret free trade.

9. THBT: cricket is to sport as the Rolls Royce is to motorcars.

O. THBT: the state of the union is stuffed.

Q. THBT: minority groups deserve no special treatment.

S. THBT: the Pope should get married.

F. THBT: Machiavelli is the way to go.

This should give teams some idea of the range of topic areas

covered by Worlds resolutions, in addition to something to practice with.

anybody who was there and has a different recollection of the wording,

please post an emendation (I am especially unsure of the exact wording of

the finals topic).

Enjoy, and see you in Princeton (if not sooner)


Worlds Resolutions (fwd)

DIRGO ddirgo at

Fri Dec 2 22:47:24 PST 1994

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Here's a nice list of old resolutions from Worlds. I put all the spaces

in so that, if you happen to be a student, you can stop reading right now

and let your coaches use these for practice rounds. This especially

means you, Creighton people! Stop reading right now!


---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 23:17:16 -0500

From: Jason Gottlieb

To: Multiple recipients of list APDA

Subject: Re: Worlds Resolutions

I guess I'll add to the collection of Worlds style resolutions with some

oldies from Trinity College-Dublin Worlds in 1992. Have fun practicing.

1. This house would support positive discrimination.

2. This house would support the right to strike.

3. This house believes that sex kills romance.

4. This house believes that freedom of the individual is a myth.

5. Short men cast long shadows while the sun sets. (Don't ask me.)

6. This house reveres the memory of the British Empire.

7. This house would out closet homosexuals.

8. This house rejects consensus.

9. This house would abolish capital punishment.

(Out rounds motions are from memory, and since this was quite some time

ago, please excuse any inaccuracy: I'll try to get the spirit, if not the

exact wording, and if anyone has the exact wording, feel free to post it.)

O. (I don't remember, but I think it was mostly about which is better at

solving a nation's problems, government or the private sector. Sorry!)

Q. This house would give land for peace.

S. A Federated Europe will protect the weak from the strong.

F. Nationalism is a hangover from history.

Of course, Princeton's resolutions might be nothing like these, but at

worst, it's a page in the history books.


World Debating Championships

Shuman Cusid.President at Uwo.Ca

Mon Dec 12 16:50:21 PST 1994

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December 12, 1994

Dear Debaters in CUSID, APDA, NPDA and abroad,

Here is the Championship Schedule that I acquired at

Princeton's tournament last year, as published by

Princeton. If it has become out of date, I shall post an

update (or hopefully someone else will). However, I have

seen nothing to the contrary, so here it is.


Monday January 2nd

Registration 10-5 pm

Opening Ceremonies 8:00 pm

Tuesday January 3rd

Round I 10:00 am

Public Speaking I 11:30 am

Round II 2:00 pm

Humorous Speaking I 3:30 pm

Round III 5:00 pm

Welcome to America Party 9:00 pm

Wednesday January 4th

Round IV 10:00 am

Public Speaking II 11:30 am

Round V 2:00 pm

Humorous Speaking II 3:30 pm

Round VI 5:00 pm

State Reception 7:00 pm

World's Council Meeting 8:00 pm

"The Street Crawl" at 10:00 pm

Princeton's Eating Clubs

Thursday January 5th

Round VII 10:00 am

Public Speaking III 11:30 am

Round VIII 2:00 pm

Humorous Speaking III 3:30 pm

Round IX 5:00 pm

Trips to a Broadway Show after

or Atlantic City

Friday January 6th

Trips to the United Nations 9:30 am

and Day in NYC

Party to announce the Break 10:00 pm

Saturday January 7th

Double Octo-Finals 10:00 am

Octo-Finals 1:30 pm

Quarter Finals 4:30 pm

Championship Banquet and Ball 7:00 pm

Sunday January 8th

Semi-Final I 11:00 am

Humorous Speaking Finals 1:30 pm

Semi-Final II 3:00 pm

Grand Final 8:00 pm

and Public Speaking Finals

Farewell Party 11:00 pm


As you can all see, this seems to run *quite late*, so it

would probably be advisable to not plan on starting back

home on Sunday. If memory serves me correctly, Princeton

last year went until nearly Midnight, and World's is much

larger, of course. :)

If any of this is typed incorrectly, or has changed, please

let me know ASAP.

For those Canadian debaters who shall be holding the vote

for their debating societies, yes, we WILL be having a

CUSID meeting at Worlds'. The agenda for this will be sent

out over the Net sometime this week.

We need a date and time, however. Please tell me, either

through private e-mail, or through CusidNet, what time-slot

will be preferable. I'm currently leaning toward sometime

on Friday.

Thank you for your time, and I hope exams are going well.


Shuman Ghosemajumder




Shuman Ghosemajumder Phone or Fax: (519) 858-3259

38 Grasmere Crescent

London, Ontario, N6G 4N8

PGP Public Key available at this site


Worlds final mailing (fwd)

Steven L. Johnson sjohns at

Wed Dec 14 12:13:49 PST 1994

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David Dirgo plucked this off the CUSID mailing list. I thought it might

be of interest to those NPDA schools going to Worlds.


Steven L. Johnson

sjohns at


Date: Mon, 12 Dec 1994 18:08:48 -0500

From: World Debates 95

To: Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate

Subject: Worlds final mailing

In response to several requests, I am writing to let you know that the

mailing with final details about Princeton Worlds was mailed on Friday;

it should be reaching your universities in a few days. In case you will

be off campus by then, I have included the relevant parts of this

mailing, laong with a Championship schedule, in this message.

The actual mailing included a general informational letter (included

here), A letter regarding financial matters (if your university has a

problem here, don't worry -- we will contact you!), and a guide to

American parliamentary debate desiogned primarily for non-North Americans

and available at registration as well. If you really want a copy of the

guide before you get to the Championship, email me an address at which

you can be reached and I will mail one out to you.

Without further ado, then:

Dear Worlds Participant:

Thank you for your interest in the World Debating Championship. The

enitre Championship COmmittee is looking forward to your arrival with

great anticipation. We are expecting teams from six continents,

representing over twenty-five nation. In all, this year's Championship

promises to be the most international yet.

Just a few reminders and some last minute information.

ATTIRE: Participants are expected to wear business dress throughout the

debate rounds. During the week there will also be the Championship

Banquet and Ball at which black tie or national dress is requested. The

Grand Final will also be a black tie or national dress occasion so plan

accordingly. Most other social events will be casual.

WEATHER: Princeton, New Jersey in January will be cold. Be prepared for

high tmperatures of about 40 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius).

There is also the distinct chance of precipitation during your stay.

Rain is a constant threat in New Jersey and snow is always a possibility.

DIRECTIONS: If you are arriving by plane at any of the New York area

airports, you can either take one of the airport shuttle services such as

the Princeton Airporter or A-1 Limousine (reservations for both can be

made at the airport's ground transportation desk), or take a taxi. If

you take a taxi (which is a good option if there are a number of you to

share the fare) it will cost you about US $ 60 plus tip from Newark

Airport to Princeton.

If you are driving from Princeton from the north, take the New Jersey

Turnpike to exit 9, New Brunswick. After going through the tollbooth,

stay to your right and follow the signs to Route 1 South (the turn is a

bit tricky, so don't go too fast). Follow Route 1 for approximately 40

minutes until you reach the intersection at Alexander Road. There you

will see the Hyatt Regency Princeton on your left.

>From the South, take I-95 to the first exit for Route 1 in New Jersey.

Then take Route 1 North for about 10 miles until you see the Hyatt on

your right.

Registration will be at the Hyatt for all participants (even those with

on-campus housing) on Monday, January 2, 1995 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.

When you arrive for the Championship, please check in at the hotel

first. There will be members of the Championship staff there to assist

you and give you further directions. If you are on campus before the

Championship begins and are in need of assistance, come to Whig Hall or

call the Championship Office at 8-3626.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

* * * * * * * * * *


Monday, 2 January

11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Registration at the Hyatt Regency Princeton. All participants must be at

registration to receive photo identification for the Championship. Even

those individuals receiving on-campus housing should report to the Hyatt

to register and receive housing assignments.

8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Opening Ceremonies. Princeton University Chapel.

Tuesday, 3 January

9:30 Debate Round I.

1:30 p.m. Debate Round II.

4:30 p.m. Debate Round III.

9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Welcome to America Party.

Wednesday, 4 January

9:30 a.m. Debate Round IV

1:30 p.m. Debate Round V

4:30 p.m. Debate Round VI

9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Irish Party, sponsored by University College Cork, host

of the 1996 World Universities Debating Championship.

Thursday, 5 January

9:30 a.m. Debate Round VII

1:30 p.m. Debate Round VIII

4:30 p.m. Debate Round IX

Evening: Worlds Council Meeting

Championship Pub Round

Optional Trip to Atlantic City

Friday, 6 January

Free day.

Optional trip to New York City and announcement of the break in New York.

9 p.m. Jazz Party, with announcement of the break on campus.

Saturday, 7 January

9:30 a.m. Double Octo-Finals

1:30 p.m. Octo-Finals

4:30 p.m. Quarterfinals

7 p.m. Cocktail Party and Reception

8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Championship Banquet and Ball.

Sunday, 8 January

10 a.m. Semifinal I

1 p.m. Semifinal II

4 p.m. English as a Second Language division Final.

7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Grand Final and Awards Ceremony.

10:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Farewell Party.

This schedule is not entirely comprehenive; we are currently working on

arranging some additional social events and certain events (such as the

Women's Demonstration Debate Round and Women's Meeting) will be

happening, but have yet to be definitively scheduled. A final schedule

will be available at Registration.

Critical Worlds' Info (fwd)

Steven L. Johnson sjohns at

Wed Dec 14 12:15:28 PST 1994

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More Worlds info.


Steven L. Johnson

Creighton University

sjohns at

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Sun, 11 Dec 1994 15:04:43 EST

From: Charles Douglas Kern

To: Multiple recipients of list APDA

Subject: Critical Worlds' Info


Many misconceptions exist about judges' criteria at Worlds's. As

Director of Judges' Education (among other titles), allow me to make some


Every judge at Worlds' - be he or she ever so qualified or unqualified -

must attend a Judges' Education Seminar, wherein Your Humble Narrator will

yak at them for at least an hour and possibly two on the topic of proper

judging. I don't care if you're Ted Cruz, a NAPDA judge, the president of

CUSID, a Harvard novice, or my Aunt Tilly - you're attending my seminar. And

if that means tying you from head to foot and propping your eyelids open

a la "A Clockwork Orange," then that's what we'll do.

During these seminars I will instruct judges on acceptable and

unacceptable debating technique. The Canadian split will be entirely

permissible. American-style "cases" are forbidden.

Some judges may ignore the criteria which I will present. Those judges

will be re-educated, and possibly punished.

Those with more specific questions about the rules or judging criteria

at Worlds should send their inquiries to Chris Paolella or me before Dec. 12.

But you should not be concerned; Chris and I along with the tab room and the

complaints committee have gone to great lengths to create a well-instructed

judging pool. I am confident that Worlds' will be blissfully devoid of needless

wrangling over rules and regulations.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, etc.

-Doug Kern


lgalizio.DOMAIN1 lgalizio.DOMAIN1.oramail at

Sat Dec 31 10:47:26 PST 1994

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A request to all of you lucky folks heading/returning from Worlds:

I'm sure those of us unable to go would appreciate postings on the tourney as a

whole. Tell us how it went, and more importantly, what were some effective

cases/techniques/negative positions/etc....and WHY?

Also, what about the resolutions? Perhaps a list of all of the resolutions

could be posted?

Since Parli-L tends to be dormant far too often for folks who otherwise live

to talk, Worlds seems an ideal event to generate lots of useful discussion!

Best of luck to all of those competing at Princeton! Stay warm. Happy New Year

to all!

Larry Galizio-DOF Portland CC

P.S. If you INSIST upon telling us how fun the parties were, please tell us

which coaches and competitors prayed to the porcelin God. It should be public


Robert Trapp trapp at

Thu Jan 12 16:03:17 PST 1995

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I thought I would post the records of NPDA teams attending the World Universities Debating

Championship at Princeton. Although no NPDA teams qualified for the elimination rounds, I

thought our new society was quite well represented. Congratulations to all you upstarts form the

Western U.S.

Claremont (Lisa Tran & Sheila Rejouis) 4-5

Claremont (Steve LeWinter & Dhiraj Murthy) 4-5

Creighton (Jason Tebbe & Jay Koehn) 5-4

Creighton (Diana Thomson & James Wright) 6-3

Denver (Ken Kerver & Rick Koerber) 6-3

Laverne (Edward Edge & Bonnie Chuen) 3-6

LaVerne (Shannon Beets & Scott MacKay) 4-5

Loyola (Steve Vrooman & Chad Derum) 5-4

Nebraska (David Dirgo & Shayla Reed) 6-3

Oregon State (Chip Anderson & Dave Hall) 4-5

Regis (Tammy Schultz & Dan Nelson) 3-6

Regis (Marcus Paroske & Anne Jones) 4-5

Rice (Scott Ruthfield & Ryan Levy) 6-3

Stanford (Patrick Sheilds & Matt Mescall) 6-3

Stanford (Matt Rabinowitz & Brendan Maher) 6-3

Willamette (Cheron McGuffey & Melissa Franke) 4-5

Willamette (Bonnie Pennebaker & Wardeh Bishart) 4-5

Wyoming (Ryan Clark & Elizabeth Paone) 4-5

Robert Trapp

E-mail: Trapp at

Fax: 503 370 6171

Phone: 503 370 6244


lgalizio.DOMAIN1 lgalizio.DOMAIN1.oramail at

Sun Jan 22 16:33:57 PST 1995

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In-Reply-To: ORUNIX:parli at's message of 01-22-95 16:00

Aside from learning that the band at the opening banquet was good, Trischa

Knapp and Steven Johnson aren't Lewis & Clark, and New Jersey be bery bery

cold, we have yet to see postings on the debate rounds at Worlds.

What did the successful teams do that contributed to their success?

What did they NOT do?

What happened to the Yanks?

Larry Galizio-Portland CC

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