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19 December 1989

Princeton WUDC 1989 Results

XV Annual World Universities Debating Championships

Top Teams
New South Wales A Hooke & Philips
Oxford Union A Black & Clayton

Harvard Law A Cruz & Panton
Oxford Graduate Debating Society A Angstreich & Kalir

Bristol A Duncan & Wilkins
Middle Temple A Halkerston & Savage
Queensland B Harrison & Murray
York A Rabie & Ciufo

Cambridge A Sheldon & Pitel
Concordia A Bielby & Giles
Fordham A Carolan & Dunnigan
Glasgow A Harper & McGrath
Guelph A Scala & Guirguis
New South Wales B Richardson & Kalowski
Amos J. Peaslee Debating Society A Mallory & Potischman
Yale A Marcus & Harrington

Double Octo-Finalists
Australian National University A Cummins & Darke
Australian National University B Hughes & Kelly
Glasgow B MacLean & Hume
Hart House A Cass & Clark
Hart House B Cesario & D'Abramo
Middle Temple B Davey & Tolaney
McGill A Butts & Price
Monash A Richards & Dunlop
Nanyang B Jenardhanan & Bin
New York University A Levitan & Kenny
Oxford Union C Meldal-Johnsen & Willimanson
University of Technology, Sydney A Metcalfe & Grenier
Western Australia A Porter & Wiltshire
Western Ontario A Orr & Batner
Western Ontario B Ghosemajumder & Halladay
York B Balasabrumanian & Musso


In the final round between Deree College Nanyang Technological College of Greece of Singapore

The winners on a 3 – 2 decision were
Nanyang B  Chitra Jenardharan  and Teo Kwee Bin

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