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1 December 2009

NorthEast Asian Open Results & Motions


On behalf of Chief Adjudicator Cecilee Xi Li and her Adjudication team (He Jingkai, Atsushi Inutsuka and Kim Ah Young), here are the full results of the 5th North East Asian Open! The first to be held in the British Parliamentary format, and the first to the held in China!

Thank you Beijing Foreign Studies University for hosting a warm and wonderful tournament, especially given they only had two months or so to do it.

There were 88 teams from 39 institutions, representing China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea and Thailand.

Results Summary

Main Break

Champions : Underwood International College (UIC) 1
Runners Up : Ewha Womens University (EDiS) 1
2nd Runners Up : Korea University (KU) 1 & Hanyang University (HU) 2

EFL Break
Champions : Wenzao University (WENU) 1
Runners Up : Peking University (PEKING) 1
2nd Runners Up : Northeast University of Qinhuangdao (NEU) 1 & 2

Best Speakers
Main Break - Jang Won Joon (UIC 1)
EFL Break - Peng, Cheng (PEKING 1)

THBT social networking sites should prohibit children from using their services

THBT governments should hold airlines liable for viral diseases spread due to their flights

Rd 3
THW end support for the Karzai government in Afghanistan.

THBT the state should provide criminal background information to couples when they register to be married.

THBT the state should regulate bonuses in private corporations.

THBT governments should prioritise fighting climate change over poverty

EFL Semis
THBT taxpayer money should not fund international sporting events

THBT that African nations should choose Chinese investment over Western aid

EFL Finals
THBT states should side with surrogate mothers who don't want to give up their children

THBT that first generation immigrants should have the right to vote in their country of origin

Full Tab is available here 


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