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22 December 2009

Melbourne Mini Results

Dear all,
Thanks to everyone who attended Melbourne Mini from the 4-6 December. We hope you had a blast!

Congratulations to Julia Bowes (University of Sydney Union) Amit Golder (Monash University) from the team 'Rapproshament' who were the winners of the tournament.

1. Rapproshament, 14, 1004
2. Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask, 14, 990
3. MooCowell, 13, 986
4. (I Grabbed) Tiger's Wood, 13, 974
5. Hit me Bebe one more Tim, 12, 979
6. Extra Chuckle, 12, 952
7. I saw Levi Johnston's penis and all got was this lousy team name, 12, 942
8. Debating Through The Ages, 11, 974

Grand Finalists:
OG: MooCowell
OO: Debating Through The Ages
CG: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask
CO: Rapproshament

Top 10 Speakers:
1. Tim Jeffrie, 504
2. Julia Bowes, 503
3. Amit Golder, 501
4. Steve Hind, 499
5. Sam Greenland & Tim Mooney, 495
7. Seamus Coleman, 493
8. Bronwyn Cowell & Chris Croke, 491
10. Jacob Clifton, 486

Full results and score sheets for each round are available at:

Exhibition Debate: Health - This house believes that US healthcare reform should include a public insurance option.

Round 1: Economics - This house would introduce radical tax reform to improve social equality
Round 2: Terrorism - This house believes that the US should not try accused terrorists in civilian courts
Round 3: Religion - This house believes that governments should not use religious organisations to provide public services
Round 4: Environment - This house believes that developed nations should not be allowed to buy carbon offset credits generated from the reduction of emissions from avoided deforestation and degradation of forests (REDD) in developing countries
Round 5: Law & Order - This house believes that Western governments should
create a maximum limit on the size of their prison populations
Round 6: Women - That this house would ban the hostess industry in Japan
Semi-Final: IR- This house believes that the next leader of the Palestinians should focus on the development of Palestinian political institutions rather than the pursuit of a sovereign state
Grand Final: Social - This house believes that we should allow the use of nootropics ('smart drugs') without prescription

Thanks again to the wonderful organising committee!

Convenors: Duncan Campbell & Zac Gross
Tab Director: Michael Ciesielski
CA: Nicole Lynch
Assistant CA: Monique Hardinge
General Committee: Chris Bisset, Kelly Butler, Aaron Mazur, Meredith Prior (equity officer)

Good luck to everyone at Worlds! We'll see you next year at Melbourne Easters...


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