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11 November 2009

Some Recent Results: Bath IV

Daniel Warents and Rosie Unwin of Middle Temple won the Bath IV 2009.  Daniel also topped the speaker tab.  The other finalists were Cambridge A (Jo Box and Charlotte Thomas), ULU (Fred Cowell and Stanzie Bell) and SOAS A (Jordan Anderson and Sheraz Qureshi) in the final. Koen van Schie, of Leiden, was the best ESL speaker.

The motions were:
R1: THW require free-to-air coverage of all major sporting events
R2: THW allow those who contract swine flu to sue the person who infected them
R3: THW require all citizens to attend day-long political discussion seminars prior to voting
R4: THB that states have no moral responsibility to intervene in other countries, even in cases of genocide, except to defend the interests of its own citizens
R5: THW force MPs to retrospectively repay illegitimate expense claims, as determined by the Kelly report
Final: 'THB that no person should have an income more than three times the median in their society'.

Source Britishdebate maillist

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  1. Anonymous10:42 am

    nice motions
    good job max


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