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5 October 2009

IIT Bombay National Debate‏ Results

From allasiandebate list:

Hi everyone,
This is to let you know that the first IIT Bombay National Debate was held between September 25-27, 2009. 34 teams representing educational institutions from all over India took part in this tournament which followed a modified ‘2-on-2’ format with cross-examination sessions and reply speeches. The teams competed in 5 preliminary rounds with the top 8 teams making the break to quarters. Some of the matches were quite enjoyable to watch and judge-allocation was strictly done in accordance with the feedback received from the teams. All voting panelists were required to give oral feedback at the end of each match and the ratings given by the teams were computed in a judges tab apart from the main tab for team scores.

Final – THBT the partition of the subcontinent in 1947 was a mistake
NLS A (Prabhat, Shivam) beat NLS B (Harini, Ashwitha) 6-1

Semi-final 1 -THW decriminalize incest
NLS A (Prabhat, Shivam) beat Ram Jas A (Saad, Shobhit) 5-0

Semi-final 2 – THBT anti-pornography laws are undemocratic
NLS B (Harini, Ashwitha) beat NUJS A (Raghuveer, Arun) 4-1

The following motions were announced at the different stages of the tournament.

Demonstration Debate:
•THW remove spending limits in electoral campaigns

Round 1 - Limits of Free Speech
•THBT ‘hunger strikes’ are a legitimate form of protest in democracies
•THBT public officials should not discuss their official functions on social networking sites
•THBT the freedom of speech includes the right to offend religious sensibilities

Round 2 - Environmental Policy
•THW boycott imported goods that are not produced in an environmentally friendly manner
•THW abolish all zoos
•THW confer absolute property rights on forest-dwelling tribes

Round 3 - Educational Policy in India
•THBT private schools should not be permitted to restrict the sporting of religious symbols and attire
•THBT all schools should be obliged to admit students from socially and educationally backward sections of society
•THW make pro-choice sexual education compulsory in schools

Round 4 - Justice
•THBT Afghanistan should have the right to prosecute foreign troops for human rights abuses on its soil
•THW bring back the jury system in India
•THBT citizens belonging to minority communities in India should be free to opt out of personal law regimes

Round 5 - International Relations
•THW prefer Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) over the multilateral trade negotiations at the World Trade Organisation (WTO)
•THBT in the long run nuclear weapons contribute to international peace
•THBT the USA should lift economic sanctions from Burma

Quarter-Finals - Domestic Politics
•THBT Naxalism is a legitimate political ideology
•THBT judges at all levels must disclose their assets and liabilities
•THBT the ‘sons of the soil’ movements are justified

Semi-Finals - Taboos
•THW decriminalize incest
•THW allow surrogate motherhood for profit
•THBT anti-pornography laws are undemocratic

Finals - Dilemmas in Post-Independence India
•THBT the partition of the subcontinent in 1947 was a mistake
•THBT India should disengage from the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)
•THBT the Indian State should not have the power to impose a ‘national emergency’

Adjudication Core:
- Sharmila Parmanand (Alumna of ADMU, Philippines, winner of AUDC 2005-07)
- Uttara Gharpure (Alumna of NLSIU Bangalore)
- Prithvi Rohan Kapoor (studying at Ram Jas College, New Delhi)
- Sidharth Chauhan (Alumnus of NLSIU Bangalore)

Thank you for reading and I promise to keep you updated about debate development in India.

Sidharth Chauhan

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