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27 October 2009

Botswana Worlds 2011 : Call for DCAs

Dear Global Debate Community,

It gives me great pleasure, on behalf of the organising committee of Botswana Worlds 2011 to invite applications for Deputy Chief Adjudicators (DCA) to join our Adjudication Team. We are looking for 2 or 3 individuals who,
  • have strong adjudication and debate experience at the international level in the Worlds format (organisational experience is a plus but is not required)
  • are actively involved in their debate communities and will be until December 2010
  • have time to communicate regularly (by email and skype) with other members of the adjudication team
  • can be in Botswana at least one week before Worlds 2011 (19th December 2010)
  • work well under pressure, doesn't really need sleep, and has other essential qualities of an exceptional DCA
The Application Process
There will be two phases, an Application phase and a Public Review phase
  • Application Phase - this phase begins now and ends on the 13th of November. More information below.
  • Review Phase - will run for two weeks soon after the application deadline expires. A list of all applicants will be published and the Worlds debate community will have the opportunity to provide feedback. The objective of the feedback should be to provide further information about the candidate that is relevant to their application or character references. Feedback should be provided directly to the adjudication team and will be treated with utmost discretion and sensitivity. These comments will not be made public (even after worlds) or accessible to the applicants (even if they are successful). Also the number of comments a candidate gets will have no bearing on the chances of their appointment.
Interested applicants should send
a) A Cover Letter (please explain your motivation(s) for applying. Also, please briefly discuss what you think the challenges of being a DCA at Worlds are and why you are up to them).
b) A Detailed Resume (please include commitments until December 2010)

Your application will be processed solely by the adjudication team (James Dray and I) and Convenor (Justice Motlhabani). No one else will view any content related to the entire application process. Candidates will be chosen based on what we believe is the best for Botswana Worlds and the World Universities Debating Championships.

Please send all applications to by 12GMT 13th November 2009.

Please feel free to email questions or comments to the same address, or directly to James or myself.

Looking forward to hearing from (some of) you soon!


Logandran Balavijendran
Chief Adjudicator

James Dray
Deputy Chief Adjudicator

Botswana Worlds 2011

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