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10 September 2009

World On Line Debating Championships

The World Online Debating Championships have reached the Qtr Final stages.  Here is the line up:

QF1: Mexico  v Estonia,
Motion: Pre-nuptial agreements should not be recognised in divorce courts

Judges: Fred Cowell, Branka Marusic 
QF2: Latvia v South Korea,
Motion: Heavy drinkers should be denied liver transplants
Judges: Andy Hume, Omar Salahuddin

QF3: England v Venezuela,
Motion: Rich countries should actively recruit medical personnel from poorer countries
Judges: Monica Ferris, Tony Murphy

For more info visit

QF4: South Africa v Lithuania,
Motion: Interest rates on personal lending should be capped by law at 20%

Judges: Colm Flynn, Rose Helens-Hart

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