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30 September 2009

Australian Women's Debating Championships 2009

Results from the Australian Women's Debating Championships 2009
Hosted by Macquarie University

Winners: USYD 2 (Closing Opp - Naomi Hart, Rebecca Barrett)
Grand finalists: USYD 1 (Julia Bowes, Eliza Forsyth), USYD 3 (Bronwyn Cowell, Nina Ubaldi), UNSW 2 (Su-Min Lim, Anh Tran-Nam)
Best Speaker: Julia Bowes

1 - THW legalise all soft drugs
2 - THW release all data about the academic performance of schools to the public
3 - THW allow intersex and transgender athletes to compete in women's sport
4 - THS the targeted killing of Taliban leaders
5 - THBT the USA should pay people to vote
6 - THBT governments should prevent convicted paedophiles from living in certain communities
SF -THW stop giving foreign aid to Africa
GF - THBT Turkey should lift the ban on headscarves in universities

Adj core: Lauren Humphrey (CA), Sarah Lynch & Naomi Oreb (DCAs)

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