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30 September 2009

ANU Spring 2009

The Australian National University (ANU) Spring Tournament 2009 took place on the weekend of September 5th & 6th.

The winners of the tournament were Seamus Coleman and Duncan Kauffman (Melbourne University).

The other finalists were Nita Rao and Steph D’Souza (Composite), Victor Finkel and Pralabh Gupta (Monash University), and Sam Greenland and Patrick Caldwell (Sydney University).

The top ten speakers were:
1. Steve Hind
2. Tim Jeffrie
2. Victor Finkel
4. Chris Croke
5. Sam Greenland
5. Lauren Humphrey
7. Patrick Caldwell
8. Seamus Coleman
8. Duncan Kauffman
8. Chris Hibbard

More results available at

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