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17 August 2009

A new website and facebook groupp for EUDC Council‏

Dear debaters in Europe,

admittedly, EUDC Council may not be the most exciting topic to most of you. I would still like to draw your attention to the fact that following the Championships at Newcastle, there are now three new sources of information for those interested in Council activity or the Championships as such:

1. A new website at Obviously, this project has just started, but it aims at providing comprehensive information about the Council and previous Championships at a central location. We have already put together tabs, motions etc. of previous championships, but a lot of information is still missing (see point 3).

2. A facebook group named "EUDC Council" at This is the place where ideally the debate would take place. Specifically country representatives are invited to join. For now, the list requires application, but we won't turn down anyone. The debate there has already started, and there are quite a few issues to be discussed, such as eligibility, ESL and sponsorship. An overview can also be found at

3. A Google doc to gather information on previous Championships at This document is open to editing, and we would be very grateful if you could help us to fill the gaps. Information entered here will be eventually used on the website.

Amongst the things that we are missing are:
- The team tab from Ljubljana / Portoroz Euros 2001
- The speaker tab from Aberdeen Euros 2000
- The Motions for Aberdeen Euros 2000 and Rotterdam Euros 1999
- Information on breaking judges from almost all Championships
- Links to websites from National Debating Societies

If anyone out there has that information or any other documents of interest slumbering on their computers such as old Council records etc., please email them to jhbfischer [at] gmail [dot] com.

Finally, please forward this email to anyone who might be interested. There are a lot of countries we don't know the representatives of (or if debating is taking place there), and it would be fantastic if this would be a way to get in contact.

All the best, I hope we will have a productive year!

Jens Fischer
Council President
Berlin, Germany

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