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22 July 2009

Amsterdam EUDC 2010 Bid website

Dear debaters of Europe,

The Free University of Amsterdam and ASDV Bonaparte are proud to present the Amsterdam bid to host Euros 2010. With the countdown to Newcastle EUDC and, thus, Euros Council, a matter of days rather than weeks now, our website should give you some information about our bid:

Should you have any more questions after visiting the site, please contact us at

With kind regards,
Anne Valkering
prospective convenor of Amsterdam EUDC 2010

What we offer:
- Participation of 200 teams and a reg fee of 250 euros.
- Motions set by an experienced CA team: Leela Koenig, Jonathan Leader Maynard, Doug Cochran and Ross Reid McGuire
- A large and very capable pool of local judges in addition to which we will fly in judges to increase the quality of our judging pool
- Preliminary rounds at the VU Free University of Amsterdam, outrounds in Amsterdam's unique city centre with its canals, multicultural atmosphere and liberal policies.
- A variety of food until you can't eat any more, with special regard for all who want or need a special diet.
- Parties that cater to all tastes: experience Dutch club culture with its world-famous DJs, enjoy our bar culture in one of the many neighbourhood pubs and see the canals by night.
- An experienced and large organisation that can deal with any requests and problems and will do its utmost best to make this the best tournament you've been to in a long while.

If you need to find out anything more, please check out:

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