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12 June 2009

New UADC mailing list

Following the decision at EWU AUDC to rename the tournament the United Asian Debating Championships (UADC) a new mailing list has been set up. If you are interested in joining this list please see below.

From various mailing lists:

Hi all
David Gray (the Exco's Communication Officer) has set-up a google group named 'debateasia' for the Asian debating community with myself and David as the moderators as requested by the Union in Dhaka.

The aim of this google group is to- provide a unified venue for discussing matters pertaining to Asian debating,- provide a clean break from the past to coincide with the newly renamed United Asian Debating Championships, and- help us control spam and other undesirable communication as requested at the Union meeting.

I am unable to mass email an invitation to this yahoogroup.
But you can subscribe to the group
- by visiting
- by emailing

Anyone can join the group (without approval) or post messages. We understand that it will take some time for all members to migrate to the new group. For the time being, we request everyone with a message to suffer the inconvenience of posting on all three forums - 'AUDC', 'allasiandebate' and the new 'debateasia'.

Also, I strongly encourage everyone with technical questions to tap into the 'wisdom of the crowds' in these groups, and other internet resources.

We hope that the inconvenience caused by this is eventually worth it!

On behalf of the UADC Exco

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