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28 June 2009

Announcement of Auckland Australs 2010 Adjudication Core

The University of Auckland Debating Society is proud to announce the adjudication core for its bid for Australs 2010.

Chief Adjudicator: Christopher Bishop
Formerly of Victoria University of Wellington, Chris is a former Australs Grand Finalist (2007), a quarter-finalist (2005 and 2008) and top ten speaker (2007 and 2008). At Worlds he twice reached the octo-finals (2005 and 2008). He is a former winner of the Cambridge IV, a runner-up at the Oxford IV, and winner of seven New Zealand intervarsity tournaments. He chaired a Worlds semi-final panel in Cork and has been the Chief Adjudicator of every major New Zealand debating tournament. He is a former AIDA President, convenor of Australs, and President of the Victoria University of Wellington Debating Society.

Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Tim Jeffrie
Currently of Monash University, Tim is a former Grand Finalist at Worlds (2008), and a semi-finalist and top ten speaker at Australs (2007). He is a former winner of Melbourne Mini (2007), ADAM (2005 and 2007), a runner-up at Sydney Mini (2006), and a semi-finalist at WUPID (2007), and Australian Easters (2005). He recently served as a DCA for Australian Easters in Queensland and was the Chief Adjudicator of the 2008 Melbourne Mini. Tim has had a long involvement with the Monash Association of Debaters and has run the Victorian schools competition and coached the champion Victorian State debating team.

Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Sharmila Parmanand
Formerly of Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines, Sharmila has been a Grand Finalist at Australs (2005), a semi-finalist (2006 and 2008), a quarter-finalist (2007), and was the 4th ranked speaker in 2008. She is a three time winner of the Asian University Debating Championships, a Worlds octo-finalist (2007), and a three-time Philippine national champion. She judged the semi-finals of Worlds in Cork, was the CA for AUDC 2009, and has been the DCA or CA for an array of regional tournaments. Since 2004 she has facilitated over 50 free basic and advanced debating workshops/coaching sessions and debating tournaments for school and university students in Asia, as well as serving in a variety of capacities for the Ateneo Debate Society and the AUDC.

Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Christopher Croke
Currently of the University of Sydney, Chris is a former Grand Finalist and top ten speaker at Worlds (2008 and 2007 respectively), and quarter-finalist (2004) at Australs. He is a former winner of WUPID (2007), a Grand Finalist at Sydney Mini (2007 and 2005), and a Grand Finalist at Melbourne Mini (2007). He won Australian Easters in 2004 and was the third best speaker. He was recently a DCA for Australian Easters in Queensland, whilst at Worlds in Cork he judged to the main break quarter-finals and the ESL Grand Final. Chris was the coach of the champion NSW State Debating team in 2008.

Given the calibre of applicants the final decision was a difficult one, but we feel we have selected an experienced and capable adjudication core that reflects the interests of the wider Austral-Asian debating community. We wish to sincerely thank all those who applied for the role, and those who took the time to send feedback on the prospective DCA candidates.


Christopher Bishop
Prospective Chief Adjudicator, Auckland Australs 2010

Glenn Riddell
Prospective Convenor, Auckland Australs 2010

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