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12 January 2011

Past winners of the North American Debating Championships

Host: Fordham University

Winner: Yale University (Nate Blevins and Pam Brown)
Finalist. Yale University (Alyssa Bilinski and Kate Falkenstien)
Top Speaker: Kate Falkenstien (Yale University)

Host: York University
Winner: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Adam Goldstein & Bill Magnuson)
Finalist: McGill University (Saro Setrakian & Sean Stefanik)
Top Speaker: Richard Lizius (University of Toronto)

Host: Amherst College
Winner: Yale University (Grant May & Andrew Rohrbach)
Finalist. McGill University (Sophie MacIntyre & Saro Setrakian)
Top Speaker: Mark Samburg (Harvard University)

Host: Carleton University
Winner: University of Toronto (Jon Laxer & Jason Rogers)
Finalist: Harvard University (R. Kyle Bean & Mark Samburg)
Top Speaker: Josh Bone (Yale University)
Public Speaking Champion: Vinay Kumar Mysore (McGill University)

Host: Bates College
Winner: Yale University (Dylan Gadek & Matthew Wansley)
Finalist: University of British Columbia (Teddy Harrison & Ashish Sinha)
Top Speaker: Ian Freeman (Carleton University)

Host: Hart House, Toronto
Winner: Yale University (Matthew Wansley & Ben Eidelson)
Finalist: Queen's University (Laura Kusisto & Adam Lazier)
Top Speaker: Rory Gillis (Yale University)
Public Speaking Champion: Jason Rogers (McGill University)

Host: Cornell University
Winner: University of Toronto (Joanna Nairn & Melanie Tharamangalam)
Finalist: Harvard University (Fuad Faridi & Alexander Schwab)
Top Speaker: Rory Gillis (Yale University)

Host: Queens University
Winner: McGill (James "Ren" Renihan and Gordon Shotwell)
Finalist: MIT (Patrick Nichols and Adam Unikowsky)
Top Speaker: Greg Allen (University of British Columbia)
Top Public Speaker: Stuart Savelkoul (Dickinson State University)

Host: John Hopkin's University
Winner: MIT Phil Larochelle & Patrick Nichols
Finalist: Columbia University Maxim Mayer-Cesiano & Evan Mayo-Wilson
Top Speaker: New York University Emily Schleicher

Host: McGill
Winner: Hart House, Aaron Rousseau & Rory McKeown
Finalist: MIT, Shuman Ghosemajumder & Phil Larochelle
Top Speaker: Ranjan Agarwal, University of Ottawa EDS (English Debating Society)
Top Public Speaker: Aidan Johnson, Hart House

Host: Cornell University
Winner: Brandeis University (Adam Zirkin & Storey Clayton)
Finalist: Columbia University (Jeff Williams & Harry Layman)
Top Speaker: David Silverman (Princeton University )

Host: Queen's University
Winner: University of Ottawa (Rob Silver & Casey Halladay)
Finalist: University of Ottawa (Scott Thurlow & Adam Jantunen)
Top Speaker: Casey Halladay (Ottawa)

Host: Smith's College
Winner: University of Guelph (Nathan MacDonald & Averill Pessin)
Finalist: New York University (Peter Guirguis & Glen Whitman)
Top Speaker: Jason Goldman (Princeton University )

Host: McGill University
Winner: University of Western Ontario (Rob Silver & Nathan MacDonald)
Finalist: Carleton University (Linda McMillan & Mike Peters)
Top Speaker: Casey Halladay (University of Ottawa Law)

Host: John Hopkins University
Winner: Princeton University (Oleske & O’Murchada)
Finalist University of Pennsylvania (Stris & Rogers)
Top Speaker: John Oleske (Princeton)

Host: Hart House, Toronto
Winner: McGill University (Springer & Cohen)
Finalist University of Guelph (Scala & Guirgis)
Top Speaker: Ron Guirgis (Guelph)

Host: University of Pennsylvania
Winner: Swathmore College (Mallory & Potishman)
Finalist: Hart House, Toronto (O’Leary & McLuggage)
Top Speaker: Mike D’Abramo (Hart House, Toronto)

Host: Sodales, Dalhousie University
Winner: Hart House, Toronto (Plaw & Cass)
Finalist: Princeton (Kern & Ricks)
Top Speaker: Avery Plaw (Hart House, Toronto)

Host: Bates College
Winner: Hart House, Toronto (Meehan & Brent)
Finalist: Harvard (Kennedy & Friedman)
Top Speaker: Marc Givens (Queens University)

Host: McGill University
Winner: Queens University (Alicia Maine & Marc Givens)
Finalist Harvard (Kennedy & Friedman)
Top Speaker: Ted Cruz (Princeton)

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