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6 April 2009

US Universities Championships: Results so far.

The US Universities Debating Championships are currently in progress. Tuna at globaldebate has posted some results:

Semi Finals:
MOTION: THB the US should actively undermine the ICC.

OG 5. Yale EB
OO 1.Middle Temple WC
CG 17. Alaska HH
CO 12. Loyola-M KA
Judges: Josh Martin, Beth Connor, Steve Llano, Neil Harvey Smith, Kiran Malancharuvil, Loke Wing Fatt, Chris Jones

OG 2. Harvard BB
OO 3. Hart House FE
CG 7. Vermont NC
CO 14. Seattle KS
Judges: Steve Johnson, Emily Ravenscroft, Ian Lising, Scott Rodriguez, Chris Richter, Steven West, Rhydian Morgan

Quarter Finals:

OG 8. Cambridge NK
OO 1. Middle Temple WC
CG 17. Alaska HH

CO 25. Marianapolis SW
Judges: Alex Just, Scott Rodriguez, Loke Wing Fatt, Josh Martin, Steve West

OO 29. St. John’s BP
CG 5. Yale EB
CO 12. Loyola-M KA
Judges: DReg, Ian Lising, Debbie Newman, Chris Jones, Jackson Miller

OG 15. Claremont LS
OO 2. Harvard BB
CG 10. Loyola-M FC
CO 7. Vermont NC
Judges: Chris Kolerock, Neil Harvey Smith, Steve Llano, Kiran Malancharuvil, Chris Richter

OO 14. Seattle KS
CG 27. La Verne MT
CO 3. Hart House FE
Judges: Rhydian Morgan, Beth Connor, Wayne Kraemer, Steve Johnson, Emily R.

Octo Finals
Motion: This House would impose an absolute ban on imported seal products.

OG 17. Alaska HH
OO 32. La Verne ZM
CG 1. Middle Temple WC
CO 16. Colgate SN
Judges: David Register, Neil Harvey Smith, Wane Kraemer

OG 31. Loyola-M FS
OO 2. Harvard BB
CG 15. Claremont LS
CO 18. Colgate CS
Judges: Steve Johnson, Alex Just, Eric Barnes

OG 19. Linfield SJ
OO 3. Hart House FE
CG 30. Regis MB
CO 14. Seattle KS
Judges: John Martin, Ken Johnson, Brenna Lampson

OO 20. Williams AG
CG 29. St. John’s BP
CO 4. Wits
Judges: Debbie Newman, Jackson Miller, Rhydian Morgan

OG 5. Yale EB
OO 28. Claremont WH
CG 21. Vermont MF
CO 12. Loyola-M KA
Judges: Chris Richter, Beth Connor, Shawn Briscoe

OG 11. La Verne AP
CG 27. La Verne MT
CO 22. Claremont HS
Judges: Steve West, Steve Llano, Chris Kolerock

OG 23. Portland BH
OO 7. Vermont NC
CG 26. Claremont GP
CO 10. Loyola –M MC
Judges: Loke Wing Fatt, Scott Rodriguez, Chris Jones

OG 24. Portland WP
OO 9. UC Davis/RIT MD
CG 25. Marianapolis SW
Co 8. Cambridge NK
Judges: Emily Ravenscroft, Ian Lising, John Patrick

The Break:
01. Middle Temple WC
02. Harvard BB
03. Hart House FE
04. Wits
05. Yale EB
07. Vermont NC
08. Cambridge NK
09. UC Davis/RIT MD
10. Loyola –M MC
11. La Verne AP
12. Loyola-M KA
13. HWS HK
14. Seattle KS
15. Claremont LS
16. Colgate SN
17. Alaska HH
18. Colgate CS
19. Linfield SJ
20. Williams AG
21. Vermont MF
22. Claremont HS
23. Portland BH
24. Portland WP
25. Marianapolis SW
26. Claremont GP
27. La Verne MT
28. Claremont WH
29. St. John’s BP
30. Regis MB
31. Loyola-M FS
32. La Verne ZM


  1. Final Results from US BP Nats:

    Top of Team Tab: Middle Temple
    Top Speaker on Tab: Daniel Warents
    Audience Winners: Harvard (62-61 over Middle Temple)
    Celebrity Winners: Harvard (7-5 over Middle Temple)
    Overall Winners: Harvard (7-2 over Middle Temple)

    Final was Banning Handguns

  2. Thanks Harish. I'll post the results.

  3. Anonymous6:55 pm

    No MIT?


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