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9 April 2009

Istanbul Yeditepe Open 2009

It gives us great pleasure to announce ISTANBUL YEDITEPE OPEN 2009. It will take place in 26-27-28-29 June.This is the last big chance before Euros to improve your debating skills.

This time we urge you to come!! As many of you know we are bidding for EUDC 2010 and we want to show everybody how organized we are.
This will be huge!This will be different!This will not be just a debate tournament!

Here are the infos:
-Dates: 26-27-28-29 June Friday to Monday.
-7 Rounds and finals
-N-1 rule is valid
-Registration Fee: 75 Euros per person

Great feedback and fairly balanced judges are the most important things for a good debate tournament. Therefore, we are going to subsidize extraordinary judges from Europe to increase the quality of debating as we did before. If you want to participate, please contact us.CA:Will Jones DCA:Anat Gelber (two DCAs will be announced)

Club Doğa is situated where blue and green intersect.It is a first class holiday resort consisting of villas. For discerning the travellers club offers comfortable accommodations,swimming pool,fitness center,tennis court, table tennis,football field, billards,cinema,bicycle.

-You will feel the Istanbul Spirit again.
-Free beer:)Parties until morning..
-Do not forget to bring something special to your culture for Global Culture Party (songs,clothes,etc.)

Yeditepe University (translated as the Seven Hills) is the biggest private university in the country. It has a population of 15.000 and it is located within the city as a metropolitan university. Yeditepe Debate Club is one of the leading debate clubs in Turkey with more than 100 members. The club gained several successes both in and out of Turkey and organised the biggest Turkish nationals ever with 104 teams.

Moreover now the club is bidding for EUDC 2010:


25 June Thursday: Early comings and movement to Doga Holiday Resort.You can go to beach on Thursday.
26 June Friday: 3 Rounds-Bosphorus Cruise in the evening
27 June Saturday: 4 Rounds-Global Culture Party in the evening
28 June Sunday: Quarters-Semis and Grand Final-Beach Party in the evening
29 June Monday: Going to Beach or Swimming Pool and Leavings

Past visitors of our tournament:Isabelle Loewe-Daniel Schut-Jens Fischer-Andrew Fitch-Can Okar-Will Jones-Andrew Marshall-Rhydian Morgan-Oskar Avery and many others...You can ask them...

Facebook Group:

Best Wishes,
Yavuz Yiğit
Prospective Convenor of EUDC 2010

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  1. Anonymous12:14 am

    May I attend?

    Dr. Ibrahim Sallo

    Dept., of English
    College of Arts
    University of Dohuk


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