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31 March 2009

Tallinn Intervarsity 2009

Tallinn is proud to present its Tallinn IV to take place (again, after a little break) from Friday 7th of May until Sunday 9th of May. Registration opens on the 23rd of March and lasts until the 24th of April.

Our team cap is set at 32 (no institutional cap), with a registration fee of 25 € per debater and 15 € for adjudicators. No charge for teams and judges who have reached break-rounds at EUDC/WUDC/Oxbridge competitions. The n-1 rule applies for all institutions and we would like to see many adequate adjudicators attending. Payment possible on registration and via bank transfer in advance.

The registration for Tallinn Intervarsity 2009 will be active from Monday, 23rd of March until the 24th of April (23:59, GMT +2) on the following link
Notice that this one is to be filled INDIVIDUALLY.

We'll be running a 5 round competition, which is spread out on two days of debating. There is breaking to semis but no ESL, sorry guys. Preliminary rounds feature 5 minute speeches, beyond that you will have 7 minutes to speak your mind.

Our judging team:
CA: Uve Poom (Tallinn)
DCA: Will Jones (Oxford)
DCA: Rich Penny (Helsinki)
Very Special Guest: Leela Koenig (Leiden)

Tallinn University is situated in a walking distance from the centre of the city, some would even claim it is in the centre. Numerous public transports connect this place with the rest of Tallinn so it should be no problem to come and go (even when drunk).

If your problem of getting to the spot exists on a broader scale, i.e. "Where is Tallinn?", there are several possibilities. Firstly, check the map, okay? Then, if that didn't scare you off, there are Easyjet flights from Stansted, London to Tallinn, where booking early might save you some money, but Tallinn Airport is able to cater a variety of airlines so check your options. Perhaps a better way for some to reach us, is to first go to Riga, even if you're not from Latvia, buses from there cost about 15 € and take about 5 hours to get here, but the plane tickets with Ryanair make up for the re-route...

Schedule (as usual, slight changes may occur):

Thursday, 7th of May
18.00 – Public debate: Peep Sürje vs Rein Raud in the Rotermann Centre (most likely something about education, as usual)
20.00 – Dinner. Mack Bar-B-Que (recommended, meaning, here you'll meet the debating crowd)
21:30 – Sauna. Reval Olympia Hotel.

Friday, 8th of May
Arrival and check-in
13:00 – Lunch. Vapiano (recommended)
16.00 – Registration opens at Tallinn University
16.50 – Registration closes
17.00 – Tallinn Intervarsity 2009 opening ceremony
17.30 – Round I
19.00 – Round II
21.00 – Dinner. Lost Continent. (Not Australia but the pub actually next to the university)
22.30 – Party

Saturday, 9th of May
09.40 – Registration closes
10.00 – Round III
12.00 – Round IV
13.30 – Lunch
14.30 – Round V
17.00 – Semifinals
18.30 – Final
20.00 – Dinner for the last time in Vertigo or C'est la Vie
Party @ Privé. Don't worry, we'll carry you home.

If you have questions, email me at

If I have some major updates, I'll let you know.

If you know people who don't know about this event, tell them!

And if you haven't already found this (shame!)

-- Martin Kiik,
Tallinn IV team

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