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26 March 2009

Sydney Grand Slam Novice Tournament 2009

Winners: Elle Jones, Daniel Swain, Paul Karp
Runners-up: Eliza Forsyth, Heydon Letcher, Rob Pietriche
Best Speaker: Elle Jones
CA: Naomi Oreb

Health (r 1)
That the State should prioritise organs to people who have lived a healthy lifestyle
That the State should ban alcohol advertisements during sporting broadcasts
That clinically obese children should be removed from their homes

Law and Order (r 2)
That we should directly elect our judges
That the government should force people to evacuate their homes in the event of an impending natural disaster
That we should abolish custodial sentences for all young offenders

China (r 3)
That governments should limit the number of children that people can have in overpopulated nations
That Tibet should be free
That China should stop using the death penalty

Sport (r 4)
That the Olympics should be held only in developing nations
That Australia should boycott international sporting events held in nations with poor human rights records
That contracts of employment for professional rugby league players should include a promise not to consume any alcohol

Education (r 5)
That we should ban home schooling
That high school teachers should receive bonuses based on the performance of their students
That universities should reserve a certain number of places for Indigenous students

Government/politics (semi-final)
That drug testing should be mandatory for public officials
That the Government should cap Executive salaries
That politicians should have term limits

Family (grand final)
That adopted children should have the right to know the identity of their birth parents
That in the event of a divorce, parents should have equal custody of their children
That women over 40 should not be allowed access to IVF

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