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23 March 2009

EWU to continue as hosts of AUDC 2009

As you may be aware there were some recent concerns about the ability of EWU to host the upcoming Asian Championships due to organisational and security issues.

A team from the AUDC Exco committee recently visited EWU to assess the actual situation on the ground and come up with a report on the organisation. This team has published their reports and the outcome is that EWU will continue as hosts of the championships. Below is one e-mail summary of that decision but if you want more detail and background visit

Dear Friends,
Given the comprehensive reports of Azrul, LP and TJ, the exco believes it is reasonable to allow EWU to remain as host for this year's tournament.

According to the Malaysian and Thai embassies, the situation in Dhaka has normalized, so much so that the Thai embassy did not change its plans of bringing in Thai businessmen for a trade fair a week after the mutiny (please see LP's report). Despite this, EWU will still ensure our security by providing police escorts for transportation, as well as security sweeps for our socials venues (for further details of EWU's commitment to security, please read Azrul's report).

While the orgcomm may lack experience in running a tournament this size, they are willing to get assistance from Mr. Yasat Sarwar, previous president of the IIU Debate Club during the IIU AUDC who is currently working in Dhaka. Moreover, they are also willing to fund a site visit every two weeks prior the tournament if necessary, so that the Union will be able to monitor their progress. The orgcomm will also be inviting the DCAs to the EWU National Tournament to assist with adjudication training, and Latif will be flown in 1 week prior the tournament to help train the tab team and runners (please see TJ's report). We believe this shows EWU's willingness and commitment to make this tournament a good experience for everyone.

The exco will be working closely with the EWU orgcomm and their faculty committee to make sure that these promises are kept and that the tournament is on track with its preparations. We will keep you updated of developments. As always, constructive concerns, suggestions, and questions are most welcome.

Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing everyone at EWU this May!

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