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9 February 2009

EUDC Newcastle'09 Registration

Dear Debaters,
We at EUDC Newcastle09 hope this finds you all in good spirits and fine health. Good news is contained herein because now is the time to talk about the exiting prospect of registration for our fine competition.

The registration period will open on 2nd March 2009 at 1200hrs GMT/UTC Registration will be open for one week and will close on 9th March 2009 at 1200hrs GMT/UTC
The web address for this will follow closer to the time.

1) This period is open for registration of teams/judges and independent judges.

2) The currency conversion will be set at 1200hrs GMT/UTC on 1st March 2009. Payment will be either by credit card online or by IBAN/international transfer. All service/currency transaction charges are to be borne by the customer.

3) The team cap is 3 per institution, therefore there will be 4 options a. 1 Team, 0 Judgeb. 2 Teams, 1 Judgesc. 3 Teams, 2 Judgesd. I am an independent judge

4) Only one person may register for each institution. This person will be asked for their details and will be the main point for contact with us. Duplicate registrations for intuitions will be rejected.

5) EUDC Council says we have to guarantee a slot to any country that has competed in the previous year. We would like to make EUDC Newcastle 09 as diverse as possible. Initially there will be 220 team places. These will be allocated by a modified first come first served queuing system under the following queuing rules:a. The first registration received from a country not already registered will be registered immediately then,b. First come, first served.

6) Registrations received beyond 220 teams will go into the first come first served waiting list. As we receive drop-outs etc. registrations will be moved into the Accepted category. New countries not already registered will continue to be registered automatically.

7) There will be an opportunity later for above-the-cap registrations more details on this later; we're keeping it simple to make things easy to follow for now. If you want to come to EUDC and not use our accommodation because you live locally or have some other alternative, the price is €175 per head.

8) When you do register, we'd like you to enter a few details about your delegation if you know. For example, your best guess as to how many people might need halal or kosher food; will you need visa support? You might know for certain that a member of your delegation has special dietary needs or disability access issues. The earlier you tell us, the better our provision for you will be.

9) Once your registration has been accepted, then we will send you an invitation by email to pay. Once we've sent this to you, you have a one week payment window. If you don't pay on time, you'll lose your slot and waiting list registrations will move up the queue. Exceptional circumstances will be considered if you are going to be slightly late because of banking issues etc. but you must let us know.

10) Exceptional hardship circumstances will be considered in cases where you think you would be the only institution from your country and the cost would prevent you from attending. If this is the case, let us know and we can discuss an arrangement.

11) Next, we'd also like you to provide us with personal details of your delegation as soon as possible, this will also be done online. Again, if you tell us your details we will be able to process you much quicker on arrival and provide you with any special demands you have. Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to arrive early or stay for extra days afterwards. Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to stay (at reduced rates!) the daily cost for this will be set soon. The sooner you let us know what you need then we'll be able to accommodate you to the same standard. The longer you leave it the more you gamble!

12) Remember that all judges of all types (independent/institutional etc) must arrive for the judging test at 5pm Sat 1st Aug.

13) Independent judges are encouraged to register as soon as possible. There will be a deadline for you, so get in now!

14) We're putting this message out on BD, EUDC and Facebook. Please do pass it on to concerned people if you know they need this info but are not on these lists, especially if that person is going to be doing the registration for you.

15) The OrgComm's decisions will be final.

We look forward to this process running smoothly. Please do get in touch if you have any concerns.

EUDC Newcastle09 @NewcastleGateshead OrgComm

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