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23 January 2009

Yeditepe 2010 bid details

During Worlds in Cork Yeditepe announced details of their bid for Europeans 2010. They gave me a memory stick with all the details and I have been a little late in posting it.

LONGEST EUROS EVER: 5 day Tournament(8-9 rounds)-3 day holiday

HIGHEST FINANCIAL SUPPOT EVER: Istek Foundation (Yeditepe University) is the biggest private education company in Turkey with its 30.000 students. Our foundation pledges to write us an open cheque to carry out this great event. Furthermore, Istanbul will be the European Capital of Culture in 2010. Translation: The Turkish government is going to be one of our main sponsors.

STRONGEST JUDGING PANEL EVER: We have budgeted to fly in at least 50 additional judges for free.

CA: WILL JONES Current European and Worlds Champion Worlds DCA in 2010 - Euros DCA in 2007 Best Speaker in 2006 Europeans Worlds Masters Champion Winner of multiple IVs

DCA:BOB NIMMO Worlds Finalist-Euros Champion

DCA: ANAT GELBER Worlds and Euros Best Speaker EUDC DCA in 2007

DCA: CONNIE GRIEVE Euros Finalist-Worlds Semi Finalist

MOST ENTERTAINING EUROS EVER: 7 days of Social events with a Cultural Show, Bosphorus Cruise, Live concerts and Parties with FREE alcohol. ***A three day holiday in 5 stars Do─ča Holiday Resort at the end of the tournament.
REG FEE: 180 € (Holiday is included)

ACCOMODATION: Yeditepe University Student Hotel Yeditepe University has modern and furnished rooms in the residence halls for International students. All rooms are double occupancy, equipped with a private bath and wired for telephone and internet connection. In-house facilities include snack bars, study/social areas, and visitor salons.

FOOD: As an institution which organises huge international events every year we are very aware that catering to guests’ special dietary needs is crucial. In the past, our Gastronomy and Culinary Arts department (the top-rated in Turkey) was happy to care of making sure all cultural, religious, or allergy-related needs were catered for .We hope to use their assistance in this tournament as well.



More details of the bid can be found on their facebook page:


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