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2 January 2009

Worlds Quarter Final and Motion

The motion for the qtr finals of the 2009 world debating championships AND the ESL semi is:

This house believes that the international criminal court should prosecute crimes against the democratic process.

Qtr draw:

  • Princeton A 1G
  • TCD Phil B 1O
  • Manchester A 2G
  • Monash B 2O

Judges: Erin O'Brien, Doug Cochran, Samir Denger Senm Jason Roberts, Steve Johnson, Shamila Parmamail, Andrew Marshall

  • Oxford A 1G
  • UCD L&H A 1O
  • Nottingham A 2G
  • Oxford B 2O

Judges: Rory Gillis, Chris Bishop, Elizabeth Ames, Colm Flynn, Anna Garcia, Tim Jeffrie, Sayqa Islam

  • Queensland A 1G
  • Oxford C 1O
  • MIT A 2G
  • Hart House B 2O

Judges: Ivan Ah Sam, Sam Block, Ciaran Lawlor, Tony Murphy, Kirsty Russell, Tiernan Fitzgibbon, Chris Croke.

  • Loyola A 1 G
  • Harvard A 1O
  • Helsinki A 2G
  • Vic Wellington A 2O

Judges: Bob Nimmo, Derek Lande, Gavin Illsey, Julia Bowes, Sutheren Thomas, Daniel Warrents

ESL Semis:

  • Galatarasay A 1G
  • Bonapart B 1O
  • Tallin A 2G
  • Leiden A 2O

Judges: Ian Lising, Safia Shabab, Nicole Lynch, JEns Fischer, Beth Connor, Erin Fitzgerald, Ben Jasper.

  • Haifa A 1G
  • BBU 1O
  • Hertie 2G
  • Tel Aviv 2O

Judges: Neil Harvey-Smith, Isabelle Loewe, Daniel Tait, DAniel Wodak, Kathering Connolly, Coran O'Brien, Catherine Richardson.

I have to go judge so will post the ESL semi positions and the list of judges later on.

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  1. Anonymous6:15 am

    it's sharmila parmanand not shamila parmamail


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