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27 January 2009

World Schools Draw and Motions

The 2009 World Schools Debating Championships start in Athens on the 9th February.

The draw can be found here.

Because there is an odd number of teams some countries have a bye round (e.g. Ireland in Round 1). The 8 Bye teams will debate each other in Round 0 to bring their number of debates up to 8.

The "prepared" motions are:
R1 This House believes that cultural treasures should be returned to their areas of origin
R3 This House would encourage the expanded use of civilian nuclear energy
R5 This House would legalise current technologies for choosing human embryos on the basis of their genetic characteristics
R7 This House believes that public services are best run by private companies

Grand Final: This House believes that governments should grant amnesties to all illegal immigrants

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