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2 January 2009

Octo Final Draw

The Octo Final lineup:

16 Monash B 1st Gov
17 Manchester A 1st Opp
1 Sydney B 2nd Gov
32 Stanford A 2nd Opp
Judges: Jason Rodgers, Rory Gillis, Kirsty Russell, Tiernan Fitzgibbon, Ross MaGuire

24 Queens Uni A 1st Gov
8 Princeton A 1st Opp
25 Yale A 2nd Gov
9 TCD Phil B 2nd Opp
Judges: Anna Garcia, Ivan AhSam, Ian Lising, Morgan Shelly, Adriaan Andringa

20 Brandeis A 1st Gov
29 Nottingham A 1st Opp
4 Monash A 2nd Gov
13 UCD L&H A 2nd Opp
Judges: Steve Johnson, Gavin Illsey, Bernadette Angungio, Lweis Chisom Iwu, Willard Foxton

5 Oxford A 1st Gov
28 Yale B 1st Opp
12 Oxford B 2nd Gov
21 Swarthmore A 2nd Opp
Judges: Sayeqa Islam, Tim Jeffrie, Josh Martin, DAvid Middlemiss, Sani Ismail

3 Cambridge C 1st Gov
30 McGill A 1st Opp
19 MIT A 2nd Gov
14 Hart House B 2nd Opp
Judges: Julia Bowes, Derek Lande, Sasha Bodero-Smith, Yauhemi Akulich, Chris Bishop

27 Sydney C 1st Gov
22 Uni Queensland A 1st Opp
6 Oxford C 2nd Gov
11 Canterbury A 2nd Opp
Judges: Can Okar, Bob Nimmo, Shamila Parmamail, Michael Clark, Gregg O'Neill

2 Sydney A 1st Gov
15 Harvard A 1st Opp
31 Loyola A 1st Gov
18 Hart House A 2nd Opp
Judges: Samir Deger Sen, Erin O'Brien, Derek Doyle, Claire Lindsey, David Tait.

26 Auckland A 1st Gov
10 Helsinki A 1st Opp
7 Seattle A 2ng Gov
23 Vic Wellington A 2nd Opp
Judges: Sam Block, Elizabeth Ames, Steph Paton, Suthen Thomas, Neil Harvey-Smith.


  1. Wow, that was quick! You beat Jens this time!!

  2. Anonymous1:46 pm


  3. My sentiments exactly. Well said.


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