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1 January 2009

Looking at the break

Sydney did well breaking the top two teams and 3 overall (Oxford also broke 3).

North America dominate with 14 teams. Australia/New Zealand have 9, Ireland/UK 8 and Europe 1. Earlier today some American coaches and judges were predicting the reverse and that Ireland/UK would break around 16.

The highest points were 22 with three teams on that. The cutoff was 18 points with ten teams breaking on that. No info on how many missed it on speaks

I'm waiting for the judge break. I got a telephone call to tell me I'm in but don't have many details beyond that.

Update: Jens has a list of the breaking judges but as he points out there are some missing and some misspelled. I've also spotted what I think is one sex change :-) I'll get the official (correctly spelled) list and post it but in the meantime check his blog for the almost correct list.

Well done to Jens on the quick updates. I'll be posting live from the break rounds and the finals so we'll have to have a little competition........


  1. Irene1:55 am

    Many thanks to both you and Jens for keeping us all posted. V much appreciated.
    Might be sensible to go to bed now!

  2. Anonymous3:01 am

    Hear hear. Many thanks from the St Andrews supporters following developements from afar.

  3. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Go Sydney! Thanks for the updates Colm, you make the time differences a little easier to bear :)


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