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6 January 2009

Cork Tab now available

Cork have released the tab.

I can't get it onto blogger in a neat format so I have uploaded it to google-docs. You can find it here.

It has the
  • Team Tab
  • Speaker Tab
  • ESL Team Tab
  • ESL Speaker Tab
  • EFL Team Tab
  • EFL Speaker Tab

Let me know if you have any problems viewing the file.


  1. Anonymous6:01 pm

    What do I click on to see the speaker tab? I can only see the team tab. Clearly I'm missing something really obvious....

  2. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Just scroll down to the bottom of the browser (not the spreadsheet) and you'll see the six tabs at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Anonymous6:03 am

    I am excited on the new WORLD RANKINGS. when can we find out?

  4. I hope to do the rankings over the weekend. My evenings after work are taken up with feeding, changing, burping and playing with a 7 week old so I won't be as fast pulling the rankings together as in previous years

  5. Anonymous7:31 pm

    My own quick calculation has Oxford gaining 13 points on Sydney, narrowing the rankings gap to 53 points. While Sydney earnt a point more than Oxford in Cork, Sydney's superior points haul from NTU will drop out of counting.

  6. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Something interesting to do on the side would be to rank institutions based on average number of points per team.

    After all, we all know Sydney has twenty million points from Vancouver, but how do they compare to another competent debating institution who happened to send a smaller number of teams?

  7. Anonymous7:14 pm

    They (we... let's be transparent) might still finish ahead. I agree though that would be more accurate. It scarcely seems fair to count 8 teams from Vancouver, but of course it was the 7th team that won the tournament!

  8. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Given Sydney's recent performances, I think they'd be more than happy to do it on a team average basis!

  9. Anonymous9:05 am

    That's very true.

    And I think it even paints Sydney in a better light, since it shows that they're not number 1 because they sent a lot of teams, but they're number 1 because they're really just. that. good. (And I think they are, but some people might not agree, I guess.)

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  11. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Colm, It was so great to get results from the Worlds. I am a mom of an MIT Debater - and as moms we don't always get the final results! So thanks again!


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