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28 December 2008

Worlds Day 2 overview.

Today seems to have gone well at worlds. In fact they were running well ahead of schedule at one point. Everyone seemed happy with the way things went.

The only time I heard grumbles were at lunch. There were long queues for food but it wouldnt be worlds without queues for food and impatient people complaining as they wait. It is just that too many people arrive out of debates or briefings and want to be fed at the same time. But the queues moved at a reasonable pace.

The adjudication test was interesting. Lets just be kind and say one of the teams wasnt exactly balanced (which made calculating the speaker points, to avoid "low point wins", fun). From the laughter in the crowd i think people enjoyed the bad speech while they also got to judge some really good speeches.

Tomorrow the real business starts.

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