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30 December 2008

Update between rounds 4 and 5.

I had an reasonably good round in terms of the quality of the teams but they hadn't done enough research on Northern Ireland before coming here so the quality of the debate and the analysis suffered a bit. There aren't that many possible "Irish topics" and the north is right at the top of the list so they should have known better.

Moment of the tournament so fas has to be Derek standing up to explain the motion in the adjudicators only to have a committee member burst through doors to the side of the stage, sprint to the podium and grab the mic which was transmitting Derek's "definition" to the debaters in the other rooms.

I have discovered that there is an official blog from the org comm. You should add this to your list of sites to check.

Also I'm posting from my phone so the line and paragraph breaks are a little off. I'll tidy them up when I get home.


  1. Great effort on the updates Colm - makes me wish for the 12 hundredth time that I was there!

    The link to the org com blog you provided doesn't seem to work though..

  2. The link is

  3. I've fixed the link.


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