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22 December 2008

Singapore Debate Open Results

From AUDC mailing list

Hi All,
The Singapore Debate Open 2008 was held over the past weekend. 44teams, from four countries competed in four preliminary rounds,quarters, semis and finals.

The results are:
Winners: Yes We Can (Joey Pang and Shrawan Saraogi)
Finalists: NTU 1 (Madhav Janakiraman and Anindya Dutta), SMU 1 (CarloCabrera and Anirban Gupta), NTU 2 (Lakshmi Balachandran and Parvathy Prem)
Semi-finalists: NUS LA (Alexander Yeo and Tan Li Feng), NUS The A-team(Ashok Rai and Amanda Lim), NYP 2 (Pirakash and Saqib), RGWG (Weige Wuand Renuka)

Top 10 Speakers:
1. Alexander Yeo (NUS LA)
2. Tan Li Feng (NUS LA)
3. Vikram Balasubramanian (Pinky and the Cripple)
3. Joey Pang (Yes We Can)
5. Madhav Janakiraman (NTU 1)
5. Lakshmi Balachandran (NTU 2)
5. Aditya Vijaya Kumar (Pinky and the Cripple)
5. Robin (Gongjiao)
5. Mark Lim (Gongjiao)
10. Anirban Gupta (SMU 1)

Round 1: THW throw the book at Dubiya
Round 2: THW ban all anti-government protests
Round 3: THBT Iran should be engaged without preconditions
Round 4: THBT criminals should not be given the right to vote
Quarters: THBT Western economies should become more socialist
Semis: THW give its best for Gaza
Finals: THBT there are no universal human rights


  1. Anonymous7:44 am

    Where can we get the tab? Thanks!

  2. Anonymous8:28 am

    The tab is available on the AUDC yahoo group, under the files section.

  3. Anonymous11:41 am

    Thank you very much. Cheers!

  4. Anonymous1:53 pm

    just a small correction, the semi-finalist team was not (NUS the A team) instead it was NUS B consisting of Kelvin Chong and Alvin Tan. =)


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