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28 December 2008

Common Briefing

The common briefing is now on.

The rules are the standard Worlds rules. Check my tutorial section for more details.

Some other facts are:

Outside the main break there will also be a break of 16 teams to ESL qtrs and 4 teams to an EFL final.

Tabbie will be the tab system. It has been used at a number of worlds

Feedback (good and bad) on judges is compulsory from both the teams and their fellow judges and will be the primary criteria determining the break. Forms will be widely available. Looks like the adjudication team are again in for some long nights reading bad hand writing (oh the memories)

Interviews are being held to confirm ESL or EFL status based on the new rules from council. Sam Greenland and his team are thanked for their hard work doing interviews. Any changes or challenges to status will be confirmed at the per council meeting.

Speakers from mixed teams (ie ESL and non-ESL) are traditionally not eligible for the ESL/EFL speaker awards. However that is being reviewed by council and may change.

Prep time is 15 minutes. Some teams like to stretch that especially if they can use the walk to the venue as an excuse. They are cracking down hard on this. If you are not there after 20 minutes a swing team will be slotted in. If the debate has started with a swing team and the original team arrives it is too late. They will not be allowed in.

Rory is now going through prep time, electronic equipment limitations, timing of debates, definitions etc. Basically he is going through the rules (again see my tutorial and part worlds briefings).

When things calm down for them (later in the championships) I will ask the adjudication team for a copy of the presentation for the site.

Ivan is now talking about extensions, roles in a debate, rebuttal, POIs, conduct.

"extensions are like hard core porn. You know it when you see it"

They are thankfully cracking down on offering poi with things like "on iraq" "on single mothers"

If judges see a rule infraction (eg electronic equipment, offensive behaviour etc) the debate should be judged as normal and then all 3 judges go to the adjudication team for them to decide the sanction.

Erin is now speaking on adjudication process.

Judges are expected to do 3 things: judge the debate, give the result and reasons why, give constructive feedback.

If no agreement can be reached between the judges after 15 minutes then they should vote. If still tied them the chair has the casting vote.

Take into account matter manner structure and roles. Be aware that styles vary around the world.

Rank teams 1 to 4. Allocate speaker points. No ties or low point wins. Speaker points are the standard at worlds. Only 50 to 100 etc (see my tutorial). Top speaker last year averaged 87.8. Median speaker averaged 73.88. Bottom speaker 60.8.

Answers to questions:
Speakers should try to take 2 poi, at least 1. But judges should bear in mind how many were offered before marking down.

Points of clarification are allowed but no obligation to take them. They are basically poi at worlds.
Video taping a debate is ok if everyone there agrees.

You cant say I'll take you in a minute to a speaker at 5:55 and them try to take the poi at 6:20. If the poi hasnt started at 6 min it cant happen. If it is in progress at the bell then that is ok.

I lost track of the other questions.

Lunch! Or in my case Breakfast!

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