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30 November 2008

Victoria IV Results

The New Zealand British Parliamentary Debating Champs (the Victoria IV) has just concluded. 44 teams from around NZ and Australia competed.

The winners are:

Victoria University of Wellington 8 (Stephen Whittington and Polly Higbee)

The runners-up are Sydney University (Julia Fetherston and Tim Mooney), Victoria University 6 (Richard D'Ath and Kathy Errington) and Victoria 7 (Paul Smith and Udayan Mukherjee).

Beaten semi-finalists were Sydney University 2, Auckland University 5, Victoria University 4 and Victoria University 5.

Top Ten speakers:

1. Tim Mooney (Sydney)
2. Polly Higbee (Victoria)
3. Julia Fetherston (Sydney)
4. Stephen Whittington (Victoria)
5. Hugh McCaffrey (Victoria)
6=Jordan Ward (Auckland)
6=Yogesh Patel (Victoria)
8. Clodagh O'Connor-McKenna (Victoria)
9. Richard D'Ath (Victoria)
10. Felicity Wilson (Macquarie)

The best novice speaker was Ella Edginton (19th).


1. This House believes the gay community should "out" gay celebrities
2. This House believes the military should overthrow governments which have lost popular legitimacy
3. This House would criminalise individuals and organisations who do not recycle
4. This House would abolish all forms of affirmative action
5. This House would allow parents to cast proxy votes on behalf of their children
6. This House believes the Palestinians should give up the Right of Return
Semis: This House would make insulting religion a crime
Final: This House believes freer markets, rather than more government intervention, are the solution to the current economic crisis


  1. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Well, I guess this one off IV must be the proof that Australia and New Zealand are part of the "Oceana" debating group.

  2. Anonymous2:07 am

    Except it's the 5th time the tournament has been held.

  3. Anonymous8:34 am

    Yeh, and Australians go every year in droves... my point is not that NZ has IVs, merely that it is ridiculous for these artificial regions to be created for PC reasons. New Zealand is not closer to Australia geographically or stylistically than many Asian countries. But for various PC reasons New Zealand is in the same region as Australia, and countries like Malaysia and the Phillipines and Signapore are in the "Asia" region.

  4. Go away Jeremy

  5. Hasan7:05 pm

    Has anyone copied any of the debates, in particular from the octofinal onwards? May anyone please upload it to vimeo, youtube, blip or any file sharing or video streaming website? We would really appreciate it.


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