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25 November 2008

CUSID British Parliamentary Nationals results

Here are the results from the Canadian British Parliamentary National tournament, held this past weekend at Queen's University. Former World Champion Michael Kotrly was the Chief Adjudicator, and Peter Milliken, speaker of the House of Commons, chaired the grand final.

Ian Freeman & Richard Lizius, Hart House (closing opposition)

Best Speaker: Richard Lizius, Hart House

Best Novice Speaker: Sean Husband, McGill

Best Public Speaker: Sean Hayward & Sean Stefanik, McGill

Rudi M. Lof & Brent Kettles, Osgoode Hall (opening government)
Monica Ferris & Lisa Jorgensen, Hart House (opening opposition)
Vinay Kumar Mysore & Sophie MacIntyre, McGill (closing opposition)

Nick Shkordoff & Paul-Erik Dash Veel, Hart House
Joshua J. Magnus Stark & Jake Liang, McGill
Kasha Chang & Evan Choate, University of British Columbia
Hannah Pavalow & Sean Husband, McGill

TH believes in a constitutional right to a minimum standard of living
TH supports a ban on the use of runway models below a healthy BMI
TH would legalize insider trading
TH would let dying languages die
TH believes that NATO should have a seat at negotiations with the Taliban, should they occur.

Semifinals: TH would impose a total publication ban on news of high-profile kidnappings.
Final: TH would regret the indictment of Omar al-Bashir.

A recording of the final will soon be posted on, graciously hosted by APDA.

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